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What is administrator-mode and how do I enter administrator-mode?

Administrators in Neoserra have certain capabilities that are unique to their administrator permissions. Administrators will have access to the "Administration" menu when they are logged in administrator-mode and, while logged in as administrator, they can perform some functions that are not available to non-administrator users that help them achieve their core responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring program compliance
  2. Maintaining data integrity

With respect to compliance this entails making sure that Neoserra is configured per the requirements of the host organization(s). This means that the administrator has to customize and configure the system to ensure that the data entry in the system is focused on the core services offered by the program. Furthermore, each user must be provided with the correct permissions to do their job. With these compliance goals in mind, there are a number of functions that can only be performed by the system administrator:

Additionally, the Neoserra system administrator is responsible to ensure the integrity of the data in the database. This means that the administrator must oversee that the users of the system adhere to the goals set forth. Administrators need to make sure that the data is complete, accurate and timely. The administrator can ensure the integrity of the system by running custom reports and scorecards to monitor all activity in the database. In particular, the Neoserra administrator is the only one who has:

The most effective administrators are those who have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the goals of the programs and the metrics that measure the success (or lack thereof) towards these goals. The system administrator must have a strong technical background to be able to generate reports and queries to analyze the data to verify and validate that these goals are, in fact, being met.

In additional to the functions highlighted above, it should also be noted that administrators are able to delete or alter any record in the database, regardless of whether the record is locked or not. In other words, administrators have full permissions to modify any record in the database.

Because there are no constraints on the ability of the administrator to modify records, Neoserra will initially only assign standard user permissions to any administrator who logs in. If the user has administrator permissions, then they can change their mode in the upper right hand corner of the Neoserra interface:

Once they change to administrator mode they will have access to the "Administration" menu options and the icon next to their username will change to the administrator icon.

The reason administrators are initially logged in as regular users is to avoid accidental modification of locked records, and for that reason we also automatically "demote" an administrator back to regular user mode if they have been idle for over an hour.

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