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Oops! I accidentally deleted a record. Can I restore it?

Yes... and No! Yes, your database administrator can restore client records that have been deleted, but if you deleted a contact; training event; survey or a session, then these records are, unfortunately, permanently deleted from the database. If it’s really important that the deleted record(s) be reinstated, you can request that OutreachSystems restore the previous days’ database for a $150 fee.

However, if you deleted a client record (and all its associated activity) by accident, then the record(s) can be restored by your database administrator.

Users with the appropriate delete permissions can mark clients for deletion, but they cannot actually delete the client from the system. Only system administrators can permanently delete clients. Upon deleting a client record, the user will see that the client is marked for deletion:

To permanently remove the pending deletes from the system, the system administrator will need to log into administrator-mode and choose the Administration|Pending Deletes menu option. From here they can individually delete and/or restore the client record and all their associated counseling sessions:

Once the system administrator has deleted the client record then it will be permanently removed from your system.

Note: As long as a client record is still pending deletion, it will still be included in any scorecard calculations. Similarly, any clients pending deletion may still be retrieved using the search and/or filtering features. As such, database administrators should permanently delete those clients (and their associated records) once it has been determined that the deletion was intended and not accidental. Database administrators will be notified via the Data Maintenance function if/when a client is pending deletion.

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