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How do I update several clients at the same time?

In Neoserra, you can update certain client fields, for multiple clients, at once. This allows you to quickly set a default value in a newly created user-defined field or simply update one of the system defined fields:

  1. You will first want to enter Administrator-mode.
  2. Next, create a filter to isolate those clients whose data you want to update.
  3. With these clients in the view window, select More|Update Clients.

  4. From the drop down selection at the top of the screen choose the field you want to update, and choose the value you want to set the field to.

  5. All clients are checked by default, meaning all clients in your view will be updated. If there are some clients whose data should not be updated then you should either refine your filter or manually uncheck these clients.
  6. Keep in mind that this function is not reversible so before you click "Save" you should verify that everything is accurate on the screen. Making mass updates could affect your scorecards numbers.
  7. Click "Save" to affect the change. Neoserra will provide you feedback and let you know how many records were updated.

This feature is particular powerful when you need to reassign clients from one counselor to another counselor.

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