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How do I customize my eCenter Direct settings, including my logo on eCenter?

There are a number of settings for eCenter Direct that can be customized at the global level. In this FAQ we will review the settings found under the Administration|eCenter Settings menu option:

General Settings

  • E-Center URL: This is the URL where clients will go to access eCenter Direct. This is usually pre-entered for you by an OutreachSystems staff member and should not be changed.
  • Banner Logo: In this field, you will need to provide a link to your logo file that is accessible from anywhere on the internet. If you don't have a logo publicly available, then you can send OutreachSystems a copy of your logo and we can place it in our library to be accessed from eCenter Direct. Keep in mind that individual centers can override the default logo that is posted here. Individual centers can post their own logo (and background color ) on their respective center records, as discussed here.
  • Banner Background Image: Along with the logo, you may also have a specific background color that you wish to display on eCenter Direct. If so, you will need to provide the background image to OutreachSystems along with your logo.
  • Banner Text Color:Depending upon the color of your background image, that may dictate the "Banner Text Color" to be used on eCenter Direct. Keep in mind that if your background color is white, then the text should be black.
  • Banner Link: If you want your users to be redirected to a specific web site when they click on your logo, then you can enter the appropriate URL here.
  • Lead Site Contact/Phone/Email: Enter the appropriate person's name/phone and email address that will be responsible for the administration of eCenter Direct.
  • Default view for "Contact Us": You can choose to show your center(s) information either in a "List" view (providing the names of each center along with their description) or in "Overview" mode. The overview mode will present the users with a map of the area with a pin prick for each location within your network. Generally speaking we recommend the "List" view if your program only has one center.

Account Settings

Neoserra administrators can force password strength on eCenter Direct by using the Minimum password length and Password complexity fields in combination. This setting will only apply to your eCenter Direct users (i.e. your clients). Clients signing up for services on eCenter Direct will create their own password, and the hover over help will tell the user the password requirements that you have configured here.

The password expiration is not applied to your eCenter users.

Training Event Settings

There are also a number of settings related to training events:

  • Default upcoming training event dates: Rather than showing all upcoming events you can choose to only show events within the next 90 or 180 days.
  • Default view for training events: Events can be shown either in list view:

    or in a calendar view:

Data Entry Settings

Furthermore, Neoserra offers some settings related to tracking economic impact:

  • Request attribution of assistance? As discussed in this FAQ you can choose to enable or disable the attribution tracking on eCenter Direct.
  • Record all eCenter generated or entered milestones, awards and capital funding as reportable? Additionally, you can choose to record all eCenter generated milestones/awards/capital funding sessions as either being reportable or non-reportable, based upon your program's internal policies. Keep in mind that any non-reportable sessions captured via eCenter Direct will not be included on your scorecard.
  • Award/Investment duplicate checking: This configuration setting determines eCenter's behavior when a client submits award or investment information that duplicates information already in Neoserra. From this setting, you can choose to have eCenter perform one of the following actions:
    • Never check for duplicate award/investment data (thus allowing duplication).
    • Provide a warning to the center (via e-mail) when duplicate award/capital infusion data is encountered. The duplicate award or capital infusion record is still created in Neoserra, but the heads up from eCenter allows you to compare the records and delete one if necessary.
    • Prohibit the client from submitting award or capital infusion data that eCenter deems to be a duplication of existing data. Only the client is informed that the data they just submitted is deemed to be a duplicate; they are then instructed to contact their center if they feel this is in error.
  • Allow upload of documents from My Documents? Neoserra always allows you to post documents from Neoserra to eCenter Direct, but this configuration option would also allow your clients to post documents from eCenter Direct into your Neoserra database. As discussed in this FAQ turning this option on, would allow your clients to upload documents to their respective client record.
  • Allow the business owner(s) to edit client record? By default, Neoserra will allow the primary contact and any contacts marked as "Business Owner?" to edit their client record on eCenter Direct. However, allowing a client to edit their own record means that they may also change some of their core company information, such as their business status and total number of employees. While, any changes are logged in Neoserra, there may be instances when a client does not quite understand the nuances associated with some of these changes and you may prefer to have these changes entered via Neoserra. By unchecking this option the client will not be able to edit their company details in eCenter Direct.

Training Payee Information

If you post an event to eCenter Direct that has a fee associated with it, eCenter can be configured to handle online payment from event registrants, as discussed in. this FAQ.

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