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How do I track Web site traffic and statistics for eCenter Direct using Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel?

In order to allow you to thoroughly analyze the traffic on your eCenter Direct Web site, we've integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixelinto eCenter Direct and Neoserra' operations. To take advantage of these out-of-the-box integration options, you must perform the following three steps:

  1. Configure Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel
  2. Enter the unique tracking ID provided by Google into Neoserra
  3. Monitor and analyze Web site traffic from the Google Analytics interface

Note: You can also use our out-of-the-box integration to track Web site traffic on Neoserra. The steps are identical to what we have documented here with the exception that you must enter the resulting tracking ID into a different area of Neoserra, as discussed in the "Step 3..." section of this article.

Step 1: Configure Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel

You will need to configure both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel per the instructions of these respective services. When asked for the Website's URL, enter the home page for your program's eCenter Direct site. It should be formatted like the one featured in the following graphic, but with the "program" portion of the URL replaced by your program's unique portion of the URL.

Step 2: Enter the tracking ID into Neoserra

As soon as you finish configuring your eCenter Direct Web site as a new Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel account, you will be provided with a tracking identifier, as shown in the following graphic.

Copy and paste this identifier into the respective field under the Administration|Configuration|eCenter Settings menu option.

This action automatically places a unique snippet of code onto every Web page of your eCenter Direct site. This snippet of code is then used by Google and Facebook to track visitor traffic and correlate it back to your Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel account. While Facebook supports 9 standard events defines to track for conversions, we have only included the signup completion event.

Step 3: Monitor and Analyze Web site traffic

Within hours of entering your tracking code into Neoserra, Google and Facebook will begin tracking visitor data. You can log into your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel acccounts anytime to see the standard tracking reports they offer or to customize your own reports.

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