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Can you give me an overview how I can customize eCenter Direct?

There are many aspects of eCenter Direct that can be customized to suit your program's needs. These aspects include both interface customizations (e.g. logo, text) and functional customizations. The purpose of this FAQ is to provide an overview of all the various ways in which you can customize eCenter's function and interface. For more information on each customization area, follow the link to a detailed FAQ that is devoted to just that particular type of eCenter customization.

We've divided eCenter's customization features into 11 categories:

  • Making centers "public" on eCenter Direct. In order for eCenter to function properly, you must make at least one center record in Neoserra "public." In other words, at least one center must be exposed in eCenter's "Contact Us" listing. Making a center record public also opens the door to many other features that centers (and their clients) can enjoy at eCenter. For more information on making a center public, see the FAQ titled How do I customize the "Contact Us" listing on eCenter Direct?.
  • Customizing eCenter Direct's look and feel. OutreachSystems can update your logo on eCenter Direct. We typically recommend that you provide us with the appropriate sized artwork of approximately 320 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, and we'll place the logo for you. The artwork should be provided to OutreachSystems in either as a .png, .gif or .jpg file format.
    The interface text on eCenter can be customized by you. The customization of interface text can be done easily in Neoserra. For more information on customizing eCenter's text, see the FAQ titled How do I customize the text on eCenter?.
  • Customizing the left-hand menu system. eCenter's left-hand menu text is controlled and configured in Neoserra under Administration|Configuration|eCenter Interface. You can both activate/inactivate menu items as well as rename them. For more information on customizing the left-hand menu, see the FAQ titled How do I configure the eCenter Direct left hand menu?.
  • Customizing the emails automatically generated from eCenter Direct. As clients and prospective clients move through eCenter, their actions can trigger automated email messages. For example, signing up for a conference or requesting a forgotten password will cause eCenter to send an automated email message. Each automated message that eCenter sends can be customized in Neoserra, as discussed in the FAQ titled How do I customize the email message templates that are automatically generated by Neoserra and eCenter Direct?.
  • Enabling client sign-up functionality. Prospective clients can request counseling services right from eCenter. But first, you must enable this feature in Neoserra. Once enabled, you can also customize several aspects of the online sign-up process. For more information on enabling and customizing the client sign-up function in eCenter, see the FAQ titled How do I enable new clients to sign up for services from eCenter Direct?.
  • Posting training events to eCenter Direct. From eCenter, anyone can browse or register for your program's upcoming training events. The events listed on eCenter - and their details - are pulled directly from the training records in your Neoserra database. For more information on converting a training event record to an eCenter posting, see the FAQ titled How do I publish a training event on eCenter Direct?
  • Posting surveys to eCenter Direct. eCenter automates the distribution and collection of surveys. Simply create the survey in Neoserra, post it to eCenter, then generate a mass email to your intended respondents asking them to log into eCenter to take the posted survey. These steps are outlined in considerable detail in the FAQ titled How do I create, post, and advertise surveys?
  • Creating a document library. You can make documents available for download from eCenter. Documents posted to eCenter can be made public to any visitor; or, they can be made private to just those contacts belonging to a particular company or attending a particular training event. For more information on creating a document library in eCenter, see the FAQ titled How do I post documents to eCenter Direct?.
  • Adding Useful Links. You can resource links for your clients to access on eCenter Direct. Your database administrator can add these links and their description to Neoserra for display on eCenter Direct, see the FAQ titled How do I add Useful Links to eCenter Direct?
  • Tracking traffic to your eCenter Direct Web site. You can track visitor traffic to your eCenter Direct Web site by taking advantage of the out-of-the-box integration we offer with Google Analytics. For more information on this, see the FAQ titled How do I track Web site traffic and statistics for eCenter Direct?.

  • Want more? Browse our extensive list of Neoserra FAQs.