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How do I disconnect stray Neoserra logins in order to free up user seats?

Neoserra pricing is based on concurrent user subscription model. In other words, the more users you have online at the same time, the higher your annual subscription. You determine your subscription level at the onset of your service contract and Neoserra will ensure that you don't exceed the number of licensed users. The way Neoserra does this is by blocking users from logging on when the total number of users actively using Neoserra equals the total number of user licenses purchased as part of your annual subscription.

If you have more users than actual user licenses then your users should be encouraged to log-out of Neoserra when they know that they will be away from their computer for a while. As soon as the user logs out, their session is disconnected and their seat is immediately freed up for another user. Ideally, every session should end this way.

If the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached, and a new user is trying to log on, then Neoserra will automatically bump a user that has been idle for more than an hour. Thus, allowing the new user to log on. If a Neoserra user neglects to log out of Neoserra and they are not yet idle for more than an hour, then a Neoserra administrator may disconnect the user manually in order to free the user seat (i.e. license) for another user.

Manual disconnects are necessary when you need to free up a user seat and don't want to wait for the session to time out due to idleness. To manually disconnect a user, enter administrator-mode and select Administration|Status. As shown in the next graphic, the top "Current Users" table shows all users that are currently logged in. To disconnect a user, click the "Logoff" hyperlink that displays in the far right column of the user's table entry. A pop-up window will display, asking if you are sure that you want to disconnect the user. Click OK and the user will be disconnected.

The Status page will also tell you if there are any users logged on using a browser that is not supported. While Neoserra will not prevent a user from logging on using an unsupported browser, it is not recommended.

By default, Neoserra will not automatically log users off Neoserra after a certain amount of idle time. If you have sufficient user licenses for all your users, then a Neoserra user could stay in from one day to the next (assuming their internet access remains alive.) You can contact OutreachSystems and ask them to configure your database to automatically log users off either after 1 hour or after 12 hours of inactivity.

What additional detail can the audit log provide?

If you'd like to see which users are logging off of Neoserra appropriately and which users are being automatically disconnected by Neoserra, view the audit log, also available from the Administration menu under the Audit selection. When filtered by the "Logins/Logouts" record type, this page conveniently shows all the instances users logged in during the date range specified.

For every session listed, you should see a "Logged On" and a "Logged Off" entry. If the entry is "Abandoned session" rather than "Logged Off," the user did not properly log off.

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