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What are the United States SBA/DLA Settings for under the Administration|Configuration menu option?

There are several default configurations that affect your EDMIS export process. You can find the "United States SBA/DLA" pane under the Administration|Confguration menu. The settings here are intended for both SBA funded programs and DLA funded programs:

In this FAQ we will discuss the SBA EDMIS default settings, the ASBDC Impact Survey settings and the DLA 1806 settings:

EDMIS Settings

The first section helps manage your EDMIS settings. Ideally, you review these settings every few months to make sure that the default EDMIS settings are still appropriate for your program. While you may not make a lot of changes to these settings, it is important to review them periodically to ensure that they still accurately reflect the parameters of your program.

1. EDMISrx Validation Day & Email

EDMISrx is an automated monthly error-checking feature that OutreachSystems provides in conjunction with EDMIS. By selecting a day of the month and an email address for our two EDMISrx settings (shown next), you are registering for this free service. On the day of the month that you select, we will automatically generate a test EDMIS export run and provide you with the resulting errors (if any), both via email and via Neoserra. This service is a great way to keep on top of database errors so that when it comes time to upload your quarterly export to EDMIS, there won't be any surprises.

2. Center ZIP Codes

This is a rarely used setting that was put into place when one of our clients encountered issues with their region's ZIP Codes being rejected by EDMIS, even though they were valid. This option, when selected, uploads the owning center's ZIP Code (as entered into the center record) rather than the individual client ZIP Codes to get around this rejection. The Check here to include the center's Zip code instead of the client/conference Zip code on all exported records? setting, as a general rule, should only be activated under the guidance of OutreachSystems.

3. Invalid Start Dates

EDMIS requires that a client's signature/start date fall on or before the date of the client's initial counseling session. Neoserra attempts to guard against noncompliance of this rule, but errors can be introduced through atypical data entry activity (i.e. when you edit an existing entry and change the data after the fact). When selected, the Automatically convert all invalid start dates to be equal to the date of the initial counseling session? option corrects any invalid start dates at the time of EDMIS export generation.

4. Invalid Client Types

EDMIS requires that a client's SBA client type (as designated in the client record) match the contact type (e.g. face-to-face, online, etc.) indicated in the client's initial counseling session. As with invalid start dates, Neoserra attempts to guard against this, but errors can be introduced. When selected, the Automatically correct invalid SBA Client Type on client record? option corrects any discrepancies at the time of EDMIS export generation.

5. Default Funding Source(s)

This setting allows you define the default funding source(s) for all EDMIS exports. When you initially create an export, its funding source filter will default to whatever is set in the Funding source(s) of activity configuration, but it can always be overridden at the time of EDMIS export generation.

It's important to note that the default funding source(s) chosen here also affect EDMIS validations. Let us explain: Neoserra has several built-in validations in place for SBA-funded counseling sessions and conferences. These validations help ensure that the data in your database meets all the requirements set forth by SBA and the EDMIS system. For example, an initial counseling session conducted online must have at least 30 minutes of combined preparation and contact time when funded by SBA. Another example is that conference records must be at least one hour in length. By default, these validations are in place for only those counseling sessions and conferences that are funded by SBA, but Neoserra will also apply these same validation checks to counseling session and conference records created under any funding sources selected here.

Furthermore, the funding sources selected here will also determine what sessions are included in the long-term client indicators on the home page and on each client's record.

6. Default Center(s)

The Center(s) to be included in export to EDMIS setting allows you to define the default center(s) for all EDMIS exports. When you initially create an export, its center filter will default to whatever is set here, although you can always override the default at the time of EDMIS export generation.

Reportable contact minutes to add for impact milestones (0 for none)

Enter here the total number of counseling minutes you want to assign to an impact milestone:

  • Bought Business
  • Started Business
  • Change in Full-Time Staff
  • Change in Part-Time Staff

Leaving the default of zero means that you won't automatically assign any counseling time to a newly recorded impact milestone.

ASBDC Impact Survey Settings

As of March 2018, three new ASBDC Settings have been added to help with the ASBDC Impact Survey export process. But before we address these three fields, it is also important to note, that the EDMIS default funding sources and centers will also be used for the ASBDC export. Per ASBDC's request, OutreachSystems will create an export file from your database to be used for the national impact survey. The extract will include the following fields:

    BUSINESS STATUS (at first meeting in 2016)
    BUSINESS STATUS (at first meeting in 2017)

The bolded fields above all come from the "ASBDC Impact Survey 2016/2017" settings on this configuration page and thus should accurately reflect the information you want to include in the survey. The State or Region should correspond to your SBA state or region (as in the case of California and Texas programs.) The Signatory Name and Title will be used as the name/title from whom the survey will be sent.

DLA 1806 Settings

If your program is funded by DLA, then it is important to let Neoserra know when your PTAC program started with the new DLA 1806-T performance metrics. This date is set to 10/1/13 by default since that was the introduction of the DLA 1806-T pilot program, but this may not have been the date when your program first started to report under the DLA 1806-T requirements:

Since Neoserra does not know when a PTAC is awarded their grant by DLA, it is important that the "DLA 1806-T Historical Start" date is set correctly to correspond to your award start date. Once set, this date should never to be edited again.

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