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What data entry checks does Neoserra perform?

Neoserra performs certain data entry checks throughout the application to avoid accidental mistakes in certain record types. This FAQ lists out some of the more common data entry checks performed that are native to the application - meaning they cannot be configured by the administrator.

All Sessions Check

Regardless of the type of session that you may be creating in Neoserra (counseling, award, capital funding, or milestone), you will always be required to select a client, date, funding source and center for the session. Depending upon the funding source selected, additional data entry checks may be performed as discussed below.

SBA-UploadedCounseling Sessions

If a session is either SBA-funded or has a funding source that is uploaded to EDMIS, then the following additional data entry checks will be made by Neoserra natively. Again, these checks are not configurable in the system but instead are dictated by SBA:

  • Counseling Area must be seleted ("Undefined" is not a valid choice)
  • Session Type must be either:
    • Online
    • Phone
    • Face-to-Face

    Neoserra offers three different face-to-face choices to choose from, all of which are uploaded to SBA merely as "face-to-face" but offer distinction for internal tracking purposes only:

    • Center Site (face-to-face)
    • Client Site (face-to-face)
    • Conference (face-to-face)

Note: Prior to October 1, 2018, SBA required that all initial counseling sessions be a minimum of an hour in length for all face-to-face sessions and 30 minutes for initial phone/online sessions. After October 1, 2018, this requirement was relaxed to a minimum of 1 minute of contact time for all initial sessions. If you would like to set stricter time requirements as dictated by your internal policies, then this can be done from the Administration|Configuration|Settings page.

DLA-Funded Counseling Sessions

If a session is DLA-funded then no additional data entry checks will be made by Neoserra natively, however, we strongly encourage all system administrators to check the "Require non-zero prep+contact hours for initial/follow-up counseling sessions?" checkbox:

Effective with the DLA 1806-T requirements, PTACs are required to track their counseling time. Database administrators can set time requirements as dictated by your internal policies.

Sessions Date Check

When creating a new session record in Neoserra, users will note that they cannot enter a new counseling/award/milestone/capital funding session with a future date. This check is designed to avoid accidentally entering in bad data, particularly at the turn of a calendar year when users aren't accustomed yet to entering in the new year. This check is performed regardless of funding source and regardless of any record locking that may have been configured by the system administrator under Administration|Configuration|General Settings. The one exception is the professional development session type, which can be pre-entered with a future date.

EDMIS Exported Clients

If a client has been exported to EDMIS, then Neoserra will no longer allow you to edit the "Client Signature/Start Date." Additionally, if the client is exported to EDMIS with a "Date Company Established" then that date cannot subsequently be changed. Of course, if the "Date Company Established" is blank for pre-ventures, then a new date can be added, but once added and uploaded to EDMIS, then the date will be locked.

Training Events Data Entry Checks

Event Date Check

Regular users cannot enter in training events with dates further back than three months. This is to avoid accidentally entering bad data into the database. If you do wish to enter an event with a date further back then three months, then you will first need to create the event with a date within the last 90 days; save the record; and then edit the record and correct the date.

Event Time Check

Face-to-face training must last for a minimum of one hour whereas online training (as specified by using the "Online Video Training" or "Webinar" options in the Program Format field on the Training Event record) must be for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Note: While SBA has certain time requirements for training events, your database administrator can require more stringent time requirements as set in the General Settings area of Neoserra.

Event Attendee Check

Face-to-face trainnig must have a minimum of two attendees in order for the event to be uploaded to EDMIS. Neoserra will allow you to create events with less than two attendees, but the user should note that this event will not meet the SBA EDMIS requirements.

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