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How do I "lock" previously reported data to ensure database and reporting integrity?

Database administrators have access to a record locking tool which allows them to accomplish two things toward maintaining database and reporting integrity:

  • It prevents non-administrative users from changing previously reported client activity or back-dating newly entered activity into a previous reporting period.
  • It ensures that activity entered by clients on eCenter in response to a survey is dated so that it will not be entered under a previous reporting period.

Record locking is managed from the "General Settings" area under Administration|Configuration. The Lock Records field can be configured so that records are locked based either on a rolling number of days or specific date, as shown in the next graphic.

Date locking is also applied to award and investment records entered via eCenter Direct. Besides the award record's Contract Date field and the investment record's Date Completed field, these record types both include a Reporting Date field, which is the date used for reporting by scorecards. However, on eCenter, clients are presented with a single date field; depending on what is entered here, Neoserra will use the record locking setting to ensure that the activity is reported on.

The following examples use an award record to illustrate how date locking works in conjunction with eCenter Direct (the same principles apply for investment records):

  • The client leaves the award date at the default (today). In Neoserra, the resulting award record gets today's date for both the Reporting Date and the Award Date fields.
  • The client enters the actual date of the contract. What happens to the award here depends on whether the date locking feature is turned on or not:
    • Date locking is turned off. In Neoserra, the resulting award record gets the date the client entered for both the Reporting Date and the Award Date fields, no matter how old that date is.
    • Date Locking is turned on.
      • If the client enters a contract date older than the limit set by the date lock, the resulting Neoserra award record has the Award Date field set to what the client entered, and the Reporting Date field to the first day allowed by the lock.
      • If the client enters a contract date more recent than the limit set by the Date Lock, the resulting Neoserra award record has both the Award Date field and the Reporting Date field set to the date entered by the client.

    Other Data Entry Checks

    In addition to the record locking option discussed above, general users should also be aware that they cannot enter in training events with dates further back than three months. This is to avoid accidentally entering bad data into the database as discussed in this FAQ. If you do wish to enter an event with a date further back then three months, then you will first need to create the event with a date within the last 90 days; save the record; and then edit the record and correct the date.

    Similarly, Neoserra will not allow you to enter any counseling session, milestone, capital funding session or awards session with a date that is more than a year in the past or three months in the future. Again, this is designed to avoid accidentally entering in bad data, particularly at the turn of a calendar year when users aren't accustomed to entering in the new year yet.

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