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What does it mean when I receive a "eCenter Password Reset Failure" message?

You may receive an email, similar to the one below, when one of your clients is trying to log into eCenter Direct but they have forgotten their password and they are trying to retrieve it but eCenter can't provide it to them because multiple contact records exist in your Neoserra database with the same email address:

The Problem

The problem is a result of having multiple contacts in the database with the same email address. When an existing contact visits your eCenter Direct web site and they try to sign up for an event using an email address that already exists in the database, they will be presented with the following screen:

eCenter will try to provide the client with their password, however, if there are multiple contacts in the Neoserra database with the same email address, then eCenter cannot provide them with a password because it does not know which password to send them! eCenter looks for the password in the Neoserra database by searching for the matching email address. If there are two (or more) contact records in the database with the same email address then our systems don't know which contact is actually registering for the event.

The Solution

OK, so now what? First of all, to get the client registered you will need to manually register them for the event by going to the appropriate contact record and clicking on the More|Training Events menu option.

Next you will need to determine why there are duplicate contact records in the database. Duplicate contact records may have been created inadvertently, in which case you will need to use the merge feature to clean them up. Duplicate records are generally speaking bad! They can cause you to under or over report your activity and they can cause you to lose sight of your clients. It is strongly recommended that you make every effort to merge duplicate records as they are encountered.

If the duplicate records were originally created because the contact has multiple businesses, then it is important to realize that one contact can be linked to more than one business as described in this FAQ.

Other Common Password Reset Problem

It should also be noted, that while a contact may have more than one email address in their contact record in the Neoserra database; if there is more than one email address then this user will not be able to utilize the "Forgot Password" link on eCenter Direct.

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