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How do I create a new counselor or instructor record?

Counselor records can be created by the Neoserra administrator either at the same time when the user account for that counselor is also created from the Administration|Accounts page; or a counselor record can be created by any user with the appropriate level permissions from the View|Counselor interface.

Instructors, who conduct your training events, can either be created within the counselor interface, or you can add a new instructor to your database directly on the training event record. "Instructors" are those individuals who are not performing any counseling activity. Usually they are outside consultants who have been invited to speak at one of your events. They will need to marked as "Instructors" in the "Resource Type" field. The "Instructor" designation means that these individuals will not be available for selection from the drop-down menus of any of the Counselor fields found throughout Neoserra.

Please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I create user and group accounts? to learn how you can set up a counselor record and user account at the same time. This FAQ only provides the steps required to set up a counselor record independent from a user account.

Creating Counselor/Instructor Records

Counselor records can be added as illustrated in the next set of steps:

  1. Click View|Counselors
  2. In the upper right hand corner of your screen, click New and then select Counselor:

  3. Enter the information for your counselor, as appropriate, keeping in mind the special "Instructor" resource type for your training events. The resource type drop down list can be customized by your system administrator, but the "Instructor" type is the only one with special handing within Neoserra:

  4. Click Submit to save your changes.
  5. Next you will be asked to complete some additional information about the counselor. Enter all the information as appropriate and click Save to commit the record to the database. All mandatory fields have been marked with an asterisk. The Area(s) of Expertise field and the Geographic Territory field may or may not be configured for your database. Your Neoserra database administrator has the ability to configure these fields under the Pick List menu option under Configuration.

Once the counselor record has been created you can upload a picture of the counselor and add it to their record as described here.

Adding Instructors from the Training Event Record

You can add instructors to your system as discussed above, or you can add instructors directly from the training event record as discussed in the following steps:

  1. Click View|Training Events
  2. Select the event the instructor will be participating in
  3. In the right hand "Instructor" panel, click "New"
  4. First check to make sure your instructor isn't already in the database. Assuming they are not, then choose the "New" option and enter the fields as appropriate:

  5. Click "Save" to save your record.

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