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Does Neoserra support a paperless environment?

Yes! As discussed in the following sections, there are many aspects of Neoserra that contribute to the worthwhile cause of a paperless environment:

Electronic Data Storage

Neoserra's various record types electronically store all client, client achievement, and client interaction data that you track for your program. In addition to tracking all data required by SBA/EDMIS, Neoserra can also store user-defined data through the configuration of user-defined fields or even user-defined record types.

OutreachSystems places no limits on the amount of client data you can store in your Neoserra database; nor do we base our fee structure on the size of your database. In other words, you could have 500 clients or 50,000 client records (along with their activity records) stored in your Neoserra database and the annual fees would remain the same.

Note: This does not apply to document attachments, as discussed in the next section.

Document Attachments

By default, every Neoserra database is provided with 500MB of document attachment storage capacity. The ability to upload external documents into the Neoserra database will likely be a big part of any migration process undertaken. Documents can be attached to client records, conference records, and center records.

As discussed in the FAQ titled How do I upload and manage attached documents?, there are many management tools that come along with the document attachment feature that allow Neoserra administrators to control the individual file sizes and types that are uploaded to Neoserra. There is also an interface that provides central visibility of all attached documents to allow for oversight and deletion of documents that are no longer necessary.

As mentioned previously, every Neoserra database is provided with 500MB of document attachment storage at no additional cost. However, if you require additional document attachment storage capacity, you can upgrade your storage capacity for an additional annual fee.

Please note the distinction between document storage fees and general database size. As mentioned in the previous Electronic Data Storage section of this document, there are no additional fees for the general size of the database (i.e. number of records). These additional fees only apply to document attachment storage allotment.

Data Integrity & Locking

Neoserra offers a data locking tool that allows database administrators to lock records of a certain age. When used consistently, this feature helps ensure that previously-reported data remains in the same state as it was when reported. This preserves data for future auditing purposes and reporting integrity.

For more information on data locking, visit the FAQ titled How do I "lock" previously reported data to ensure database and reporting integrity?.

SBA 641 Form

Some SBA-funded programs still enjoy the comfort of a manually-completed SBA 641 Form, but it is not required. When clients use your eCenter Direct portal to request services, they are prompted to provide the same information that is found on the SBA 641. When registration is complete, the information is saved in the Neoserra database (along with an electronic signature, which is officially recognized by SBA) as a client record. If a printed SBA 641 Form were ever required down the road, Neoserra does support the generation of a compliant SBA 641 Form using the information stored in the client/counseling session records.

For more information on generating an SBA 641 Form from Neoserra, visit the FAQ titled How do I generate parts I, II, and III of the SBA 641 form?. For more information on electronic signature compliance, visit the FAQ titled Are the Neoserra online electronic signatures recognized by SBA?.

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