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Can OutreachSystems automatically import awards data from FPDS for my program?

The answer is YES, but you must give us express approval to perform the import (see below) and you should also be aware that the entire process depends upon your Neoserra database. The key to the import process is the system-defined DUNS number field. The only way to have awards data automatically inserted into your database is when there is a match between the DUNS number in an FPDS record and the DUNS number in your Neoserra client record. In the absence of a DUNS number, no data can be imported.

If you are not currently capturing DUNS numbers from your clients, then this may be a field that your administrator enables on both your Neoserra client form and on your eCenter Direct intake form.

With your approval, once a month, OutreachSystems can import federal, non-DOD awards records into your Neoserra database for the prior month, and import DOD awards records for the month three months prior.

Non-DOD federal agencies are relatively timely with their award postings to the FPDS database. The DOD agencies, on the other hand, are not as timely with their postings to FPDS. Therefore, each month, OutreachSystems will grab the DOD awards for three months back. In other words, in September we would import the June data for all DOD agencies whereas we would import the August data for the non-DOD agencies. This gives the DOD agencies 90 days to post their information to FPDS.

It is important to know, that this service by OutreachSystems is only provided if we receive a written request from your lead center indicating that you would like to subscribe to this service. You can send your written request for this service to All requests received before the 25th day of the month will be processed that month. No back data will be provided. The written request should include the following language:

    Dear OutreachSystems,

    Please include our [put your Neoserra database name here] in the monthly import of FPDS data until further notice. I understand that OutreachSystems will import the data when there is a match between the DUNS number in the FPDS record and the DUNS number in the system-defined field of Neoserra. OutreachSystems will only import positive value award records for clients, whether active or not. No pre-client records will be updated. OutreachSystems is not responsible for any errors in the data and I understand that OutreachSystems cannot check for existing duplicate records that may already exist in my database.

    I also understand that OutreachSystems cannot customize the import to our specific needs. All imported award records will be marked as non-reportable, and I understand that I will need to change the records to reportable status if I want to claim credit for them on my DLA 1806. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I understand that this is an optional service that is provided free of charge by OutreachSystems.

    [Signed by Program Manager]

The imported award records will be mapped from the FPDS data as follows:

Field in Neoserra Field in the FPDS Database
Client Client is identified based upon DUNS number in the FPDS article. In the absence of a DUNS number in the client record, Neoserra will not be able to match the awards. If you have a client whose awards data you do NOT want imported, but you don't want to delete their DUNS number from the database, then you can add an asterisk to the front of the DUNS number to avoid a match. The DUNS number must be a perfect match in order for award records to be added. This also means you should not added any dashes or slashes to the DUNS number field in Neoserra.
Counselor The default counselor for the client will be used in the awards record
Award Date The information comes from the 'signeddate' field in the FPDS database
Reporting Date This date will be set to the date of the import, which usually will take place during the last week of each month.
Contract Type This will always be set to 'Prime Contract' for all imported records
Agency Name This information comes from the 'contractingofficeagencyid' field in the FPDS database
Agency Type This will be set to 'Other Federal' unless the 'maj_fund_agency_cat' is Department of Defense in which case, this field will be set to DOD
Contract Number This information comes from either 'piid' or the 'idvpiid' when piid is blank + 'modnumber' fields in the FPDS database
Award Amount This information comes from the 'dollarsobligated' field in the FPDS database. OutreachSystems will only import positive value amounts. In other words, if a contract is listing the FPDS data with a zero value or even a negative value then this award will not be imported.
Number of Awards This is always set to 1
Information Source This is always set to FPDS
Comments This is always set to 'Imported from FPDS by OutreachSystems'
Center This is always set to default center for the client
Funding Source This is always set to 'DLA'
Notes This information comes from the 'descriptionofcontractrequirement' field in the FPDS database
Reportable This is always set to No. You will need to manually edit each record that you want to make reportable.
Affirmation/Attribution These fields are always left blank

Special note for databases including non-PTAC centers

If your Neoserra database includes non-PTAC centers, such as WBC centers, SBDC centers or other EDC programs, then you should be aware that this process will affect ALL client records in your database. In other words, if a client in an SBDC center has a DUNS number in their client record, and this DUNS number matches an award record in the FPDS database, then this non-PTAC client will also be updated with the corresponding non-reportable award record.

Why? Because it may be that this SBDC client is also being counseled by the PTAC even though their main center is an SBDC center. Furthermore, this non-PTAC client may, in fact, present a new opportunity for the PTAC. In other words, this may be a marketing opportunity for the PTAC to offer their services to this government contractor who previously was unknown to them.

However, OutreachSystems does not believe that many non-PTAC clients will be affected by this process because most non-PTAC programs will not collect DUNS numbers for their clients, and the DUNS number is the key for the update to take place.

How do I find all imported records?

You can create the following awards filter to retrieve all award records that have been imported as part of this service:

To create this filter, select Activity|Awards. Next click Filter|New to create the filter shown. If you want to see the results across all centers then you can enhance the filter as follows:

Once you have identified all imported records, then it will be up to you to manually edit these records and set them to "Reportable = Yes" if you want these awards to appear on your DLA 1806. It is important that you check to make sure that the same award record has not already been entered into the system manually.

How do I ensure I get credit for some of the awards?

Once you have identified all your imported award records, you can then determine which records need to be included in your DLA 1806 report. Once you have idendified a record that needs to be reported on your 1806, then you should edit this record and change the "Reportable?" field to "Yes". You should also make sure that the reporting date of the award falls within the reporting period of your 1806 report. By default, the reporting date will be set to the date of the import, which may, or may not, be within your reporting range.

What happens if I determine that there is a duplicate?

As you review the imported data and if you encounter a record that is a duplicate of a record that already exists in your database, then you can choose to delete one of the two records simply by going to the award record and clicking the More|Delete menu option:

Your ability to delete records is dependent upon your permissions. You will need to contact your database administrator for any changes that need to be made to your permission settings.

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