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Can I request that OutreachSystems add a site to the USABID database?

Yes! If you have a state or local agency Web site that you feel we should monitor as part of our USABID database, forward the site information to our Internet research team. But before you do, visit our USABID Web page to make sure that the site is not already being monitored by us.

Assuming we do not already monitor the site, our Internet research team will evaluate it to make sure that it is a site we are able to include in the USABID database. There are several criteria a site must meet in order for it to be a good candidate for the USABID database:

  • The data must be presented in a format that we can work with. For example, we are not always able to work with PDF files.
  • The site must not have any copyright or legal restrictions that would prohibit us from distributing the information.
  • The site must publish at least three bids per week and 15 bids per month.

The following are some reasons why some state and local-agency Web sites cannot be included in OutreachSystems' USABID database:

  • Incompatible data format. If the data is either in a format that is difficult and too time-consuming to download or simply not possible to download, then it may not be appropriate for our USABID database. In particular, we are not always able to work with PDF files.
  • Restrictions/Subscription. If there are copyright or other legal restrictions associated with the site that may prohibit us from distributing the data, then we cannot include it in the USABID database. Similarly, some databases require a fee-based subscription in order to view the bid package. While this is not always a criterion for elimination, it may affect our ability to retrieve the data.
  • Low volume. If there are less than 3 bids per week or 15 bids per month published on a site, then we will not monitor the site. Similarly if the bids do not have sufficient turn-around time for the average small business to respond to the bid (at least four business days), then OutreachSystems won't retrieve the lead.
  • Bids not posted on the web. Some agencies advertise the presence of a Web site but not all state and local agencies necessarily post solicitation data on their site. If there is no procurement-related information on the site, then we cannot include it in our USABID listing. If your program works closely with an agency that doesn't post their open bid opportunities on their own hosted website and you would like to submit their bids for inclusion in the daily search then you may use the BidCenter option to enter their open contract information. To find out more about BidCenter, check out this FAQ entitled Can I use BidCenter to enter a new bid opportunity to be submitted to the Bid Match daily search program?.
  • Duplication with OutreachSystems databases. If there are bids posted on the Web site but OutreachSystems is already receiving the same bids from another source, then we will evaluate the two sources and choose the one with the more timely and complete data. Sometimes, there may still be a minimal overlap between sites, in which case clients may see some duplicates. However, generally speaking, if we know that a site is already covered via another source, then we will not retrieve the data again.

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