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How is the contact veteran status/military status information uploaded to EDMIS?

Neoserra supports two fields to track a contact's veteran and military status:

  • Veteran Status:
    • Non-Veteran
    • Veteran
    • Service Disabled Veteran
  • Military Status:
    • Active Duty
    • Military Spouse
    • National Guard
    • National Guard - Active Duty
    • Reservist
    • Reservist - Active Duty

EDMIS, on the other hand, only supports one field to upload this information. Because the contact could be both a military spouse and a veteran there is the possibility of a conflict. SBA has specified the following reporting order for the Military/Veteran status into a single field (allowing only a single answer):

  • Service Disable Veteran
  • Veteran
  • Active Duty (Reservist or National Guard)
  • Member of the Reserve
  • Member of the National Guard
  • Spouse of Military Member
  • No Military, Reserve, or National Guard Service
  • Unknown/Not Stated

For more information how Neoserra exports certain fields to EDMIS, please refer to: this FAQ.

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