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My email address and/or phone number have changed, what changes do I need to make in Neoserra?

If you have a login account to Neoserra, then you should be aware that your email address is tied to your login account. If your email address has changed, then you will need to notify your Neoserra database administrator to update your Neoserra login account. Only Neoserra database administrators will be able to update your login account, but you will be able to update your counselor record, and potentially your center record. Additionally, you will want to check all email templates and training events, as discussed below.

Counselor Record

If you are a counselor and you have a counselor record in Neoserra, then, regardless of whether you have had an email address change, you will want to verify the accuracy of your counselor record periodically. Click View|Counselors and locate your counselor record. Click on your name, and then "Edit" the record to make the appropriate changes.

At the same time, you can update your picture.

Whenever eCenter Direct or Neoserra send an automated email message, the respective application will include information from your counselor and/or center records as determined by your email templates. If your counselor record is out of date and no longer reflects your current email address, then the automated emails will also be out of date.

Center Record

If you are the primary contact for your center, then it may be that you also need to update your center record. Again, it is strongly recommended that you verify the accuracy of your center record periodically, regardless of whether you have had an email address change. Click View|Centers and locate your center record. Click on your center, and then "Edit" the record to make the appropriate changes.

The information on your center record is also used for the eCenter "Contact Us" link, which is another reason to ensure the accuracy in your center record.

Email Templates

Ultimately, the email templates control which email address is used in the automated correspondence. If you have followed our recommendation, and used only substitution variables in your email templates, then you may not need to edit any of your templates. However, if you have hardcoded your email address in some of the email templates, then you may need to update the email templates found under your center record by clicking More|Email Templates.

Training Events

Last but not least, it is important to review the training events that may have been created by you that include your email address:

Keep in mind that this email address is used for all event communications and thus should also be updated on each and every training event record.


Last but not least, you may want to let us (OutreachSystems) know that you have a new email address. Not only will we want to update our records, but if you have the bid matching module enabled, then the text at the top of the bid matches that your clients receive may also need to be modified.

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