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How do I send a separate email to each of my clients using the BCC field?

If you are using the Neoserra email capabilities to send blast emails then each and every recipient will always receive a private, personal email that does not include the email addresses of any other recipient!

When emailing from Neoserra, you do not need to put the email addresses of your clients in the BCC line because Neoserra will never show more than one email address in the "To" field. This is one of the best features of the Neoserra emailing system because it preserves the privacy of your clients while ensuring the highest probability of delivery. Often spam filters will trap emails that lump multiple email addresses in the BCC field. Neoserra avoids this problem by sending out separate email messages to each recipient.

This also allows you to take advantage of substitution variables in your email messages.

If you do put your email address in the CC or BCC field of an email message generated in Neoserra, then Neoserra assumes that you won't want to get a copy of every email message sent. Instead, Neoserra will treat your CC'ed email address as one more recipient on the distribution list. This is to prevent you from receiving hundreds of unwanted emails. However, keep in mind, that if you use substitution variables then these cannot be expanded for the CC'ed recipient. In other words, if you added the [CONTACT_FIRST] substitution variable to your blast email message then this substitution variable with be automatically filled in with each recipient's first name, except for the message that is sent to the CC'ed recipient. This is also the reason why the CC/BCC line should not be used to email to anyone other than yourself. Neoserra will limit the number of characters in the CC/BCC line to 80.

If you do want a copy of every single email that is sent, then be sure to click the "Send a copy of each delivery to myself?" checkbox at the bottom of the screen. This option is only available if you are sending your email to less than 250 recipients.

For more information about the Neoserra emailing system, please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I send an email to my clients from Neoserra?

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