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Can you explain the daily OutreachSystems Search email and what all the bid match statistic headings mean, such as procure, award, FTO, small, etc.?

If your account has been set up to participate in the Bid Match program, then each day an e-mail titled "OutreachSystems Search <current date>" is sent to the e-mail address designated for your center's bid match activities. The e-mail looks similar to the following graphic, with your client ID numbers in the first column and the total matches that each client received that day along with the month to date totals shown in each data source column.

The primary purpose of this e-mail is to give you a quick overview of client bid match activity across various bid sources for the current day as well as for the month to date (MTD). At the start of each calendar month, the MTD figures are reset to zero.

Note: As stated above, this report is e-mailed to the address designated as the primary address for bid match communications. But additional addresses can be added. If you are currently not receiving this report and would like to, contact OutreachSystems to have your e-mail address added to your account’s distribution list.

Each data source column is explained in the legend found at the bottom of the report. Keep in mind that the the numbers represent the type of bid leads each of your clients received, these numbers do not represent awards your clients might have won or bid responses they might have submitted. This report enumerates the bid opportunities provided to your clients by Outreach.

It is particularly helpful to review this report on a regular basis to make sure you are not inundating your clients with bid leads. If your small business clients receive more than 10 or 20 bids per day, it may be worth refining their search profile and reduce the volume. Seldom can a small business respond to that many bids on a daily basis. More is not necessarily better for most small businesses. Outreach's Search Strategist can help refine your clients' search profiles to make sure they only get the bid opportunities that are truly of interest to them.

There are some areas of the report that would benefit from further explanation. These areas are discussed in the following sections.

Discontinued Clients

Clients who are inactivated during the month remain on the report for the remainder of the month, but at the start of a new month, the inactive client(s) are removed from the report.

"Small" Column

This column used to refer to all small purchases of less than $25,000 from the Defense Logistics Agency, but this is no longer the case. The name is now a misnomer. These days the "Small" data source is comprised of a wide variety of bid opportunities published by federal agencies such as the Small Business Administration Subcontracting Network (SBA SUB-Net), the U.S. Army’s Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) Procurement Network, and Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO). State and Local bids are not included in this heading, so it truly represents all miscellaneous federal contracts not published in the FedBizOpps.

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