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What is a Global file that is referenced in all my clients' search profiles?

In many of your clients' search profiles, you may see a reference to a "Global" file:

This Global file can contain rules that you want applied to the majority of your clients. For example, a common rule would be to exclude all sole source set-aside bids, or all bid opportunities where specifications and drawings are not available. These types of opportunities are generally not well suited for smaller businesses and can be eliminated. If a profile references your center's Global file, whatever rules are specified in your center's Global file, these rules will affect the types of bids you client can expect to receive. You can contact OutreachSystems anytime you want to change your global rules.

The word "Global" does not have anything to do with the geographic restictions in your clients' search profiles. We call this the "Global" file because, by default, it will apply to all your bid matching clients, unless you specifically ask to remove the Global reference from a specific client's search profile.

Thus, if you set up a search profile for a large prime, and your Global file excludes all sole source notices, then you may want to remove the Global file reference from that specific search profile.

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