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How can I retrieve the UEI Numbers from the SAM system to be imported into Neoserra?

The federal government is in the process of phasing out the use of the DUNS number. This will affect the FPDS Award import process which previously was based upon the DUNS number as the common key between the two disparate systems. This FAQ will describe the process of retrieving your clients' DUNS and UEI numbers from the SAM system so that OutreachSystems can perform a one-time update and add the UEI number to all client records that currently include a DUNS number.

It should be noted that this FAQ is provided as a courtesy only. The SAM system is not supported by OutreachSystems and the process for extracting UEI numbers from SAM is your responsibility. OutreachSystems does not warrant the validity of these steps which kindly have been provided by the New Hampshire PTAC in conjunction with the GMU PTAC.

It should be noted that the import process is offered as a one-time process. Going forward, it is important for you to capture the UEI number for all new clients by activating the UEI field on your eCenter Direct intake form.

Step 1. Login to

Login to and select Search. The goal is to narrow the search to those companies going after contracts and limit the size to less than 5000 companies which is the SAM file export limit.

Step 2. Set the Filters

Next you will want to set the filters. Click on Domain and then choose "Entity Information":

Select "Entities" and continue to scroll down:

Under the "Purpose of Registrion" section, choose: "All Awards:"

Set the "Registration with Debt Subject to Offset" to "No:"

The goal under the Location filter is to reduce the output to less than 5000 records. You can choose to filter by Congressional District if that aligns with your center's geographic coverage, alternatively you may filter by State/city, etc. Keep in mind that the end result should be less than 5000 records. This is a SAM limitation.

Once you have 5000 or less records selected then the next steps is to click on "Actions" in the upper right-hand corner and then choose "Download:"

Choose to download the data in CSV format:

Step 3. Edit CSV File

OutreachSystems only needs the DUNS and UEI columns. No additional data is necessary.

Note: All companies in your state will be included in the file export, if the DUNS number is not present in your Neoserra database then the import process will simply ignore the line item. Only those clients with DUNS numbers that match the DUNS numbers in your Neoserra database will result in the UEI being added.

Once you are happy with the file, then you can send it to OutreachSystems at along with a message providing your express approval to update your Neoserra database with the UEI numbers as presented in the file. Keep in mind that OutreachSystems has not independently verified the accuracy of the steps above. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data is accurate and complete.

Step 4. Import Process

Upon receipt of your file, OutreachSystems will import the data. OutreachSystems will not verify the accuracy of the file provided. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the file provided and we strongly recommed that you spot check some of the entries to make sure that the columns are still properly aligned.

Three important notes:

  • If a UEI has already been entered for a client in Neoserra, and the same client is included in the import file, then OutreachSystems will NOT overwrite the data. It is assumed that the data entered manually by you or your clients is accurate.
  • If the DUNS number in the file provided has less than 9 digits in length, then it is assumed that the leading zeroes have been purged during the export process from SAM. OutreachSystems will add the leading zeroes back to the front of the DUNS number to ensure the 9-digit compliance of the number and to ensure that it will match to the DUNS numbers entered in your Neoserra database.
  • OutreachSystems will provide this import process free of charge once. It is important to include all clients in the import file the first time.

OutreachSystems will notify you of completion of the import.

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