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What happens when I create a picklist choice that EDMIS does not support such as multiracial ethnicities, or non-binary gender or assistance for loan forgiveness?

In order to better capture the demographic makeup of your clients and to better capture your assistance provided to these clients, Neoserra will sometimes offer choices for which there is no equivalent in the SBA EDMIS system. This FAQ will highlight how these choices are converted during the Neoserra export process. Keep in mind that if you don't want to use non-EDMIS recognized choices within your Neoserra interface, then these options can be inactivated from the Administration|Configuration|Picklist menu option.

And then there are some fields where we don't recommend that you add your own choices because there is no good alternative option available in EDMIS. For example:

Nonbinary Gender

EDMIS only accepts the following choices for gender:

Choice Code
Female F
Male M
Choose not to respond/Unknown U

The gender field on the contact record in Neoserra, on the other hand, offers two additional options that are not supported by EDMIS:

  • Non-binary
  • Transgender

By default, these options will not display unless your Neoserra database administrator activates them. Database Administrators may turn them on, at their discretion, under the Administration|Configuration|Field Requirements panel. Administrators may also choose to add additional custom choices under the Gender picklist configuration.

Since EDMIS has no way to process these additional choices, Neoserra will assign these choices a code of "U" to indicate "Choose not to respond/Unknown" during the export process.

Ownership Gender

There are also some differences in the way Neoserra tracks business ownership gender as compared to EDMIS. Neoserra supports two fields to track a client's Business Ownership Gender status:

  1. Ownership Gender:
    • Male-Owned
    • Male/Female Owned
    • Woman-Owned
    • EDWOSB Certified
    • WOSB Certified
    • WBE Certified
  2. Percentage of Woman Ownership

EDMIS, on the other hand, tracks this same information as follows:

  1. Male Ownership Percentage
  2. Female Ownership Percentage

If the client record includes a "Percentage of Woman Ownership" then this information is used in the export process to EDMIS. However, if no percentage is indicated on the Neoserra client record, then the following percentages are uploaded to EDMIS based upon the settings in the Business Ownership Gender field:

  • Male-owned: Uploaded to EDMIS as 100% male, 0% female
  • Male/Female owned: Uploaded to EDMIS as 50% male, 50% female
  • Woman-owned (including WBE, WOSB, EDWOSB): Uploaded to EDMIS as 0% male, 100% female
  • Nothing selected in either the Ownership Gender field or the percentage field: Nothing uploaded to EDMIS. Since this field is optional, Neoserra will not send any data.


Similarly, EDMIS only accepts the following choices for race:

Choice Code
American Indian or Alaska Native 2
Asian 4
Black or African American 0
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 9
White 7
Choose not to respond/Unknown 6

Neoserra additionally offers 'multiracial' as an option in the race field:

By default, this option will not display unless your Neoserra database administrator activates it. Administrators may also choose to add additional custom choices under the Contact Race picklist configuration.

Since EDMIS has no way to process the 'multiracial' choice (nor any other custom choices that you create), Neoserra will assign a code of "6" to the race field for any contact that identifies themselves outside of the codes supported by EDMIS.

Neoserra will, however, include the multiracial individuals in the minority count on the 888 attendee record, and the number of minorities is also exported to EDMIS:

And you will also see the summary calculation on the training event record itself:

Loan Forgiveness

EDMIS only accepts the following choices for area of assistance on the 641 Part III counseling form:

Choice Code
Business Accounting/Budget 7
Business Plan 2
Buy/Sell a Business 13
Cash Flow Management 8
COVID-19 Financing/Capital 18
COVID-19 General Support 19
Customer Relations 6
eCommerce 15
Financing/Capital 3
Franchising 12
Government Contracting 11
Human Resources/Managing Employees 5
International Trade 17
Legal Issues 16
Managing Business 4
Marketing/Sales 10
Other 99
Start-up Assistance 1
Tax Planning 9
Technology/Computers 14
Unknown/Not Stated 98

However, you may notice that this list does not include an option for Loan Forgiveness nor does the current EDMIS system include an option for some traditional choices that were supported in prior iterations of EDMIS, including:

  • COVID-19 Loan Forgiveness
  • Disaster Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Engineering
  • Exporting
  • Importing
  • Legal Issues
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media
  • Training

These additional choices, along with any user-defined choices that your database administrator may have added, are all exported to EDMIS as "Other" with a description of the area of assistance provided.

Capital Funding Types

Similarly, EDMIS only accepts the following choices for types of funding:

Choice Code
Community Express 1
Micro Loan 2
Export Express 3
Export Working Capital 4
Community Advantage Loan 5
COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program 7
COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan 8
COVID-19 Other SBA Disaster Loan 9
State/Local COVID-19 Loans or Grants 10
Other 99

However, you may notice that EDMIS does not account for the COVID-19 Shuttered Venue Operators Grant nor the COVID-19 Restaurant Revitalization Grant. These two choices will be exported to EDMIS with a code of "9" while all other capital funding types not listed above are exported with a code of "99", for "Other," with a description of capital funding type.

Business Type

The following business type options are recognized by EDMIS:

Choice Code
Accommodation and Food Services 72
Administrative and Support 56
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting 11
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 71
Construction 23
Educational Services 61
Finance and Insurance 52
Health Care and Social Assistance 62
Information 51
Management of Companies and Enterprises 55
Manufacturing 31
Mining 21
Other Services (except Public Administration) 81
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 54
Public Administration 92
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 53
Retail Trade 44
Transportation and Warehousing 48
Utilities 22
Waste Management and Remediation 56
Wholesale Trade 42

First of, you may notice that "Waste Management and Remediation" and "Administrative and Support" share the same code. Furthermore, you may notice that this list does not include two legacy choices that were supported in prior iteration of EDMIS:

  • Research and Development
  • Surplus

These choices will be exported with a code of 81 for "Other Services" as will all other custom choices that you add to the Business Type picklist.

Organization Type

Similarly, the following choices are recognized by EDMIS as valid Organizational structures:

Choice Code
Sole Proprietorship 1
Partnership 2
Corporation 3
Limited Liability Company(LLC) 4
S Corporation 10
Other Legal entity 99

In addition to the Neoserra system-defined choice for "Non-profit," any other choices that are added by your Neoserra database administrator will be included in the EDMIS Export with a code of '99.'

Various fields mapped to "Other"

There are a number of fields in Neoserra that provide system-defined choices that are commonly enhanced with user-defined custom choices. The custom choices that you create for these fields will all be exported to the EDMIS system under the "Other" category. Below you will see some of the fields along with their EDMIS accepted code. Any additional options that you add to these fields will all be exported with the code for "Other":

  • Language
    • English (Code 1)
    • Spanish (Code 2)
    • Other (Code 3)
  • Referral From
    • U.S. Trade And Development Agency (Code USTDA)
    • Women's Business Center (Code WBC)
    • SCORE Chapter (Code SCORE)
    • Small Business Development Center (Code SBDC)
    • SBA District Office (Code SBADO)
    • US Export Assistance Center (Code USEAC)
    • State Trade Agency (Code STA)
    • Export/Import Bank (Code EIB)
    • Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Code OPIC)
    • Department of Agriculture (Code DOA)
    • Department of Commerce (Code DOC)
    • Department of State (Code DOS)
    • Other (Code Other)
    • Veterans Business Outreach Center (Code VBOC)
    • Procurement Technical Assistance Center (Code PTAC)
    • SBA Disaster Assistance (Code SBADA)
    • State/Local COVID-19 Assistance (Code LOCAL)
    • SBA Capital Access (PPP) (Code SBACA)

These fields all have an "Other" option and any custom created choices beyond the system-defined choices provided by SBA and Neoserra will be exported as "Other." The same is true for referral to and training topic.

Veteran/Military Status Conflict

On a slightly different note, but related to the EDMIS export process, it is important to note that Neoserra supports two fields to track a contact's veteran and military status:

  • Veteran Status:
    • Non-Veteran
    • Veteran
    • Service Disabled Veteran
  • Military Status:
    • Active Duty
    • Military Spouse
    • National Guard
    • National Guard - Active Duty
    • Reservist
    • Reservist - Active Duty

EDMIS, on the other hand, only supports one field to upload this information. Because the contact could be both a military spouse and a veteran, there is the possibility of a conflict. SBA has specified the following reporting order for the Military/Veteran status into a single field (allowing only a single answer):

  • Service Disabled Veteran
  • Veteran
  • Active Duty (Reservist or National Guard)
  • Member of the Reserve
  • Member of the National Guard
  • Spouse of Military Member
  • No Military, Reserve, or National Guard Service
  • Unknown/Not Stated

Training Format

But then there are a number of fields that are exported to EDMIS which do not offer an "Other" option and it is best not to customize these fields. An obvious example are the United States and territories. Of course, you cannot create your own state of territory. But there are also a few other fields that should not be customized, which may not be so obvious. For example the Training Formats field. EDMIS supports the following training formats:

Choice Code
Workshop/Seminar 1
Multi-session Course 2
Online Course (Prerecorded)/Online Meeting (Live) 3
Teleconference 4

As you can tell, there is not really an option for any other type of events and we discourage you from creating your own event format.

Custom Sub-Funding Sources

Since EDMIS is fairly rigid, it is also important to understand that you cannot create your own sub-funding sources and upload these to EDMIS. In fact, any sessions that include a sub-funding source that is not recognized by EDMIS, will be exported without the sub-funding source code. In other words, Neoserra will strip the sub-funding source from the record during the export process if the sub-funding source is not one published by SBA in the EDMIS Schema.

That is not to say that you cannot create your own sub-funding sources, but unless they are recognized by EDMIS they will not be uploaded to EDMIS.

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