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How can I collaborate with my colleagues?

You can collaborate with any other user within your Neoserra database about a particular client. You might want to use this feature, for example, if one counselor is assigned to work with a client but the counselor feels that the client may benefit from another counselor's expertise or when another department may be better suited to answer a client's questions. The counselor wanting to collaborate can click the More|Collaborate option to send a message to the second counselor requesting assistance with a client:

This may happen when, for example, an SBDC counselor initially starts to work with a client but then that client also needs procurement assistance. The SBDC counselor can then "collaborate" with their PTAC colleagues.

In the case of collaboration, the message will appear not only in the Message Center:

But the two collaborators (the person sending the collaborate request, and the person to whom they sent it) will also see a copy of the message on the client record itself:

The message will remain in the Message Center until it is dismissed, but even then, it will remain as an active collaboration request under the View|Active Collaborations menu option:

And again, even dismissing the notification from the Active Collaboration screen will only dismiss it from your Active Collaboration page, it will remain on your collaborator's Active Collaboration page and it will remain on the client record, until you or your collaborator delete it.

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