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Can I identify which person within a company I worked with during my counseling sessions?

Yes! When you create a counseling session, you will be asked to identify the client with whom you interfaced along with the contact person within the company. You may have spoken with just one person or multiple people, all of whom can be identified within the session record:

The contacts available for inclusion on the counseling session record are those contacts that have been entered on the client record. If a contact has not been added to the client record, then it also cannot be included on the counseling session.

When you create a new counseling session for a client who only has one contact, then this contact will be automatically pre-entered for you in the newly created counseling session. If you create a new counseling session for client who has multiple contact records, then only the primary contact will be pre-selected for you. If you, in fact, worked with someone else or you worked with multiple people, then you will need to update the contact information accordingly.

You can delete a contact from the counseling session, by clicking the "x" next to their name:

You can add a contact simply by placing your cursor in the Contacts field and then selecting one of the names listed:

The tracking of counseling sessions by contact is important for the AWBC Impact Scorecard. All non-WBCs can take advantage of this feature to see who the counselor interacted with. While not mandatory, this information is helpful for general tracking and reporting purposes.

Possible Mismatch

As noted above, when you manually create a counseling session you can only add contacts belonging to the client(s) included in the counseling session. However, when you email a counseling session into the system using postbox, then Neoserra will automatically assign all the clients and contacts to the session. If you email Jane Doe at Company X then both the client and the contact will be pre-entered for you. But what happens if your email to Company X was really in regards to issues pertaining to Company Y and you want this session associated with company? No problem! You just delete Company X from the session record and add Company Y. However, you will notice that Jane Doe (who belongs to Company X) is still shown as the contact. In other words, we have a mismatch. We show a contact who belongs to Company X but the client selected is Company Y. In most cases, this won't be an issue. Neoserra will always report based upon the client record selected. The only exception to this is the AWBC Impact Scorecard, which is based upon the contact record selected.

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