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What is a DLA Active Client?

In order for a client to be considered to be "DLA Active" on the DLA 1806 scorecard, the following criteria must be true:

  • The client must have had at least 30 cumulative minutes of reportable contact/prep time before they are considered to be an active client.
  • One or more contacts associated with a client record must have attended at least one DLA-funded training event before the client is considered to be an active client.

Note: Unlinking a contact who attended a DLA-funded event, from their client record will no longer qualify the client under this second criteria.

Furthermore, all clients must:

  • Have expressly stated their intent to be a PTAC client. If the company has not provided their express intent to be a PTAC client then it is advised that you keep them in PRE-client status until such written intent is provided. Clients can provide their intent to be a PTAC client in a variety of different ways:
  • Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure that you have a valid signature on file for each DLA active client. Neoserra does not validate for this.
  • Have government contracting potential as indicated by the "Government contracting potential?" checkbox on the client record.

In addition to the above criteria, it is, of course, also important that the Reportable? check box is selected on the counseling session/training event record. Assuming all the criteria is met, then you will see the client included in the "DLA Active Clients" link on the Neoserra home page.

The DLA Active Clients link provides a listing of all clients who meet the active definition as noted above, and whose sessions and/or training attendance is dated between today minus 12 months. On an individual client record, in the Activity Summary pane, you will see a note indicating whether the client is, or is not, DLA Active. If they are not active, then you can click on the "info" icon to get more details as to why they are not yet considered to be DLA active:

Clicking on the informational icon will tell you why a client has not yet met the DLA Active Client status.

Note that your actual active client count on the DLA 1806-T may vary based upon start/end dates entered. Additionally, your center's DLA Active client count only includes clients counseled for 30 minutes or more in your center. If a client received 30+ minutes of counseling from more than one center, then this client may not be included here. Only the DLA 1806-T scorecard will provide you with a complete program-wide count of all DLA active clients.

Using the DLA Active Clients filter

Neoserra also has a specially calculated built-in client filter called "DLA Active Clients," which looks for all clients that have had at least 30 minutes of cumulative prep and contact time. You can use this filter to find all clients who meet the DLA 1806-T active client status and you can also use this filter to find all clients that do not meet this requirement:

Be sure to check the not check box and complete the date range, as appropriate. This will give you a listing of all active clients that have not yet been counseled for 30 or more minutes. For more information about this filter please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I found those clients that are active or almost active per the DLA 1806 definition?

Warning on the Attendee List

As discussed above, all DLA programs need to make sure that they have a signature on file from the client stating their intent to be a PTAC Client. Only clients with signatures on file should be counted on the DLA 1806 report. Of course, Neoserra does not know if you obtained a hard copy signature from the client, but it does know if there is no electronic signature on file. If an electronic signature is missing from a particular client record, then you will notice the following warning icon next to the respective training attendee:

The warning symbol indicates that there is no current eCenter Signature included on the client record. It will be up to you to confirm whether you have the necessary signature on file, or not. This symbol merely serves as a warning, Neoserra will still include the client on your DLA 1806 Active Client count. Note that this warning symbol will only be displayed on DLA funded events that have set their "Event registration information required" field to "Client + Agreement:"

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