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When I send an email message from Neoserra how can I allow my clients to opt-out and unsubscribe from future emails?

First of all, Neoserra automatically adds both an auto-unsubscribe header to all messages sent to 5 or more recipients, as well as the Email Automatic Message Footer, which automatically includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email. You will also notice that the Email Automatic Message Footer also includes the street address of the center from which the email is initiated as per the requirements under the CAN-SPAM Act which says that all blast emails must include a valid physical postal address.

When sending an email to less than 5 recipients, you can choose to manually add the [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] substitution variable to your email message, as shown below:

Keep in mind that you do NOT need to add the unsubscribe variable to blast emails. The Email Automatic Message Footer, which includes the unsubscribe substution variable, is always automatically included in all "blast" email (i.e. all emails sent to 5 or more recipients.)

When the email recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link, either in the header or the footer of the blast email, then the associated record will be updated by unchecking the "Subscribe to email" checkbox. If a contact clicks to unsubscribe, then their associated client record will also automatically be updated. The unchecking of the "Subscribe to email" checbox will be logged in the audit trail of the client and/or contact record(s) that have been updated.

It should be noted, that there is no automated way for clients to subscribe to your emails.

Last but certainly not least, it is up to you to decide if you want to exclude contacts/clients who have unsubscribed to your emails when sending surveys. Neoserra will automatically exclude these people when sending non-survey blast emails, but when sending survey requests, you can optionally choose to include these email addresses.

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