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Why do I have new contacts entered from eCenter Direct on my home page, but I don't have any events advertised?

It is true, the "New Contacts Entered" link on the home page is generally speaking, used for new event registrations:

However, you may occasionally see new contacts entered even if you don't have any events published on eCenter Direct. How is is possible to get new contacts in the database without any events? These contacts represent new clients who, for whatever reason, did not complete the new client sign-up form. In other words, these people abandoned your registration process but they did complete their contact information, which Neoserra is making available for review:

You will know that this is an abandoned client registration because there is no client information yet the data stream indicates that they started the "New Client Signup" process.

It is up to your internal policies and procedures as to how you wish to proceed with these partial records. You can click "Okay" to acknowledge your review of the record and wait for them to return to complete the rest of their registration form, or you can delete them from the system (with the appropriate permissions.)

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