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How do I find those clients that are active or "almost" active per the DLA 1806 Definitions?

There are several ways for you to find your DLA Active Clients.

Home Page

On the Neoserra home page, you will see several important links in the upper right hand pane. For PTAC or DUAL funded centers, one of these links will show you the total number of DLA Active Clients in the selected center. DLA Active clients are those clients with 30 minutes of counseling, or more, and it will identify those clients that have attended one or more of your workshops.

Keep in mind that this number only includes clients that have received counseling within the active center that you are working under. Thus, if center A has counseled client X for 10 minutes and center B has counseled the same client for 20 additonal minutes, then this client will not show up as a DLA Active Client under either center because neither center has counseled the client in excess of 30 minutes. Only the DLA 1806-T2 will provide you with a complete program-wide count of all DLA active clients.

Client Record

The home page provides a summary of all clients in your center that meet the DLA active client definition. If you are curious as to whether an individual client has met the DLA client requirement, then you can see their status in the Activity Summary pane on the individual client records. At the bottom of the activity pane you will see the following question: "Is a DLA Active Client?". If the client is not yet active per the DLA definitions then the informational icon will tell you why the client has not yet met the requirements:

How do I find those clients that almost have had 30 minutes of counseling?

There may be times when you want to find those clients that are close to being active clients but have not yet met the criteria. In other words, you might want to find all clients that have had between 20 and 29 minutes of counseling as shown below:

The filter above includes two parameters. First of all, you will want to limit the search to just this current fiscal year. Secondly, you will want to use the special filter parameter titled "Cumulative Prep+Contact Time." You will enter your range of time to be used for the cumulative preparation and contact time. In the example above we used a minimum of 20 minutes, entered as .35 and a maximum of 29 minutes entered as .49. The filter will produce a list of counseling sessions conducted with clients that have been counseled just slightly less than 30 minutes. To get the actual ist of clients, you will now want to click on the "Unique Clients" link at the bottom of the screen.

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