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How do I use the page?

OutreachSystems provides bid matching services to those government contractors who work with a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). The PTAC representative will create the search profile for the contractor utilizing keywords that describe the contractor's business. While OutreachSystems offers a number of sample profiles that serve as a reference for keywords to be used, OutreachSystems cannot make profile changes. Any search profile modifications must be made by the PTAC representative.

Once a profile has been created, the contractor will receive notification emails whenever new bid matches are available for review:

These email notifications link the contractor to their own personal page on OutreachSystems' Web site, where they can view the newly posted bid matches as well as all bid matches posted in the last 30 days. Clicking on the "MyBidMatch" link, the contractor is presented with a page showing the total number of bid matches by day:

Note: If the daily bid match email notifications are being blocked by your spam or virus checker, then you can bookmark the link in your browser and access it daily. You do not need the email notifications in order to access the daily bid postings.

Clicking on the date link in the email notification, or clicking on the date link on the page opens up the bids for a particular day:

At the top of the page you will see the contact information for your Procurement Technical Assistance Center's representative. Only your PTAC representative will be able to assist with profile modifications. OutreachSystems does not work directly with the government contractor to modify their search profile. Clicking on contractor's company name in the upper right hand corner will take you back to the 30 day listing.

The date shown at the top of the page represents the date the bids were published. Below you date you will see six different columns:

  • # - This is the sequential number of each bid
  • Source - OutreachSystems gathers bid notices from a variety of sources as described below:
  • awards The contract awards as published in the FedBizOpps database
    bid The state and local bid notice as posted in the USABID database
    bt The Blue Tops awards notices as posted by Department of Defense
    dscp The Defense Logistics Agency notices as posted on the Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS)
    ftx Foreign trade opportunities including but not limited to:
    • dgMarket Tenders Worldwide
    • MERX Canadian Public Tenders
    • Official Journal of the European Union (OJ)
    procure The procurement notices as published in the FedBizOpps database
    special The special notices as published in the FedBizOpps database
    small Various federal bid opportunities not published in the FedBizOpps or DIBBS databases
  • Agency - This is the agency who is issuing the bid
  • FSG - Each bid is classified by one, and only one FSG group
  • Title
  • Keywords

Clicking on the title of a bid, opens the specific bid abstract:

From here you can use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to move to the previous or next bid notice.

At the bottom of every Bid Match article you will find a section called: "Matching Keywords". Listed there you will find one or more keywords that exist in the search profile and that also appeared in the bid match article. One or more of those keywords would have triggered the match, but not necessarily all!

The OutreachSystems's search engine will highlight all keywords showing in the matching keyword section at the bottom of each match.

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