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How do I create a filter to find all clients with more or less than X hours of counseling?

In this FAQ, we will discuss how you can find all clients with X hours of counseling. There are really two approaches:

Using the Long Term Client Filter

Neoserra has a built-in client filter called: "Long Term Client". Per the SBA definitions, a long term client is any client with 5 or more cumulative hours of counseling during the fiscal year. To find out all clients that meet this defition, simply click on the "Long Term Client" link found on the home page of Neoserra:

If you want to find all clients with less than five hours of counseling then you can use this filter in conjunction with the "NOT" operator as follows:

Enter the appropriate date range over which you want to search.

Using the DLA Active Clients filter

Neoserra also has a built-in client filter called "DLA Active Clients," which looks for all clients that have had at least 30 minutes of cumulative prep and contact time.

These clients meet the DLA 1806-T active client status but you can also use this filter to find all clients that do not meet this requirement:

Be sure to check the not check box and complete the date range, as appropriate. This will give you a listing of all active clients that have not yet been counseled for 30 or more minutes.

Using the Cumulative Time Filter(s)

In addition to the built-in Long Term Client field, Neoserra also has two additional counseling session filters. Click View|Counseling and open the filter interface by clicking on the magnifying glass or "blue ribbon". Clear all other filter parameters and choose either:

  • The Cumulative Prep+Contact Time filter
  • The Cumulative Contact filter

Enter in the range over which you want to search. Keep in mind that if you want to search for clients with less than 5 hours of counseling then you should enter the range as 0 to 4.99. The example below, is searching for all clients with less than 3 hours of counseling:

Additionally, you will need to add the "Session Date" filter, as shown above, to identify the date range over which these sessions would have occured.

You can generate a report of these clients showing the total time each client has been counseled. The report best suited for this purpose is:

  • Summary of Counseling by Client

Since this is a session filter, your result set will be all sessions that collectively for each client, meet the parameters set forth. If you want to get a listing of clients you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Unique Client" link provided:

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