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Can I include an attchment in my email message sent from Neoserra?

In short, the answer is Yes. However, there are some limits.

The Neoserra email system will always send a separate message for each recipient. This allows us to put each recipient's email address in the "To" field while still maintaining everyone's privacy. Thus, if you have one email message going out to 7 recipients, then the Neoserra mail server will send 7 separate messages. Since we send 7 separate messages (one for each email recipient), we would also send your attachments seven times. You can imagine that our servers would be working overtime if we allow you to send 20MB attachments to 2000 recipients. Thus, the following restrictions apply:

  • Each attachment may not no larger than 5MB in size. You can include multiple 5MB attachments, but any one single attachment may not exceed 5MB in size.
  • The attachment option is only presented when emailing less than 250 recipients.
  • Attachments are not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0. All other browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support the use of attachments in your emails.

The attachments are not saved to the database. Even if you decide to save your email message as a counseling session. For more information on how to include attachments, please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I send an email to my clients from Neoserra and automatically create a counseling session?

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