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How to choose a good strong password?

Your Neoserra password is the key to your Neoserra account, you need to safeguard it! Anyone who has your password can get into Neoserra and review your clients' private and confidential information. Anyone who can guess your password has it. Anyone who has your password can send email as you or your center. Anyone who has your password, has access to your client data. Anyone who has your password can download you client attachments. Anyone who pas your password will have access to your clients' confidential and private information! Therefore, you may be held responsible for someone else's actions, if they are able to get your password. This is something to guard against, at all costs. Neoserra password should always be a minimum of 10 characters in length and it should include mixed-case characters, digits and punctuation. Your Neoserra system administrator can dictate whether the password will expire, or not.

Tips on safegarding your password

There are a few basic tip on safeguarding passwords:

  • Never give your password to anyone
  • Make your password something you can remember so that you don't have to write it down
  • Make your password difficult to guess
  • Do not re-use password across multiple systems

How to choose a GOOD password

The following guidelines help create good passwords:

  • Passwords should be at least 10 characters in length
  • Mix upper and lower case characters
  • Include punctuation characters in your password - ideally in the middle
  • Deliberately mis-spell words in unique and unusual ways
  • Be as random as possible with your password!

How NOT to choose a password

The following types of passwords are easily cracked by hackers and should be avoided at all times:

  • Words in the English dictionary
  • Words in any international dictionary
  • Your username should never be your password
  • Any version of your name should never be your password
  • Your family member names should never be your password
  • Avoid repetitive or sequential characters (e.g., aaaaaa or 1234abcd)

Please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I change my user password? to learn how to change your password.

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