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Are the Neoserra online electronic signatures recognized by SBA/DLA?

There are really two aspects to the question of online electronic signature acceptability; one, acceptability by the SBA and DLA and, two, acceptability by the state government that your program resides in.

As far as the SBA is concerned, this excerpt from the 2015 Program Announcement, Section VIII.D.5 states SBA's position:

SBA Form 641 or an equivalent form that supports SBA?s management information database may be completed electronically by the client in states that accept electronic signatures. In states that do not accept electronic signatures, the SBDC must obtain a form with the client?s original signature.

As far as the DLA is concerned, this excerpt is from the FY2013 SCAA, which merely says that the client must explicity state their intent to become a client but it does not address the issue of electronic signatures:

DOCUMENTATION STANDARDS: Documentation for ?active clients? shall include 1) the business name, 2) the physical address of the business?s primary location (The PTAC may rely on a client?s representation as to what address it considers its primary location.), 3) a point of contact with contact information (e.g., phone number or email address), 4) if applicable, designation in any category of small business provided in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for which the business qualifies (i.e., small disadvantaged businesses, women-owned small business, etc.), 5) evidence that the business has explicitly stated intent to become a PTAC client and....

As implied in the SBA statement, each state may have their own policy regarding electronic signatures, and your program would be well served to check your local state requirements.

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