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What is the Funding Source field for, and what is a Sub-funding Source field?

Economic development programs are usually funded by grants or contracts that require them to report back measurable results to their sources of funding. For example, most SBDCs and WBCs are primarily funded by the SBA while most PTACs are primarily funded by the DLA. However, some programs receive funding from multiple sources and may need to categorize their activities accordingly in order to accurately report back to their various funding partners. The Funding Source field found in Neoserra's client activity records allows them to easily accomplish that task.

Additionally, the SBA and DLA funding source options trigger unique system behaviors in Neoserra. Both the SBA and the DLA have specific data reporting requirements that must be adhered to. When either SBA or DLA is notated as the funding source for client activity, Neoserra recognizes and enforces those requirements.

Choosing a Funding Source

With an understanding of the role of the Funding Source field as defined above, choosing the correct funding source in Neoserra should be a less confusing task. The key thing to remember is that the funding source entered for a particular activity should indicate where the funding for your center is coming from.

The primary area where we have seen users make mistakes when designating funding source is in the completion of capital funding and award records. Capital funding records track capital that is obtained for use in a client's business and award records track government contracts awarded to a client. Because both of these client activity record types track funds that are being provided by an entity, Neoserra users sometimes misinterpret the purpose of the Funding Source field, erroneously assuming that it's related to the entity providing the capital funding or government contract when it's actually meant to track your center's funding for the capital funding or award assistance provided.

To reiterate, the Funding Source field should reflect the center's source of funding that allows you to provide the assistance you are bringing to the client, not the source of funds that the client might be receiving. The Capital Funding Type and Institution fields found on an capital funding record, not the Funding Source field, should be used to track a client's source of funds for capital infusion into the business. Similarly, the Agency Name and Agency Type fields found on an award record should be used to track the source of the government contract.

What is the Sub-Funding Source Field

This field is primarily used by SBDCs who receive two layers of funding from SBA. Separate grants issued by the SBA to some SBDC programs for disaster relief or for the President's Jobs Act need to be tracked using the sub-funding source. When you create an SBA-recognized sub-funding source, you should make sure to enter the code exactly as prescribed by SBA.

If your program is SBA-funded, then you should be careful not to create any non-SBA recognized sub-funding sources that get uploaded to EDMIS. EDMIS will reject any records with a sub-funding source it does not know about. In other words, any SBA-funded sessions entered into Neoserra with state or private sub-funding sources will be rejected by SBA.

If you have a need to create a sub-funding source due to some other funds that you receive from a state agency, then any records with this non-SBA-recognized code should not be uploaded to EDMIS. If you do want to upload these sessions to SBA, then it would be best to create a funding source option that represents this alternate funding, and then this funding source will need to be included in your EDMIS exports.

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