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I'd like to edit a record, but there is no Edit button available. Why not?

The inability to edit a record typically has two common causes: (1) Your account permissions do not allow you to edit that particular record or (2) the record has been locked for editing by a system administrator.

Account Permissions

The ability to edit a record is not "automatic." You must be assigned edit permissions for not only the center that the record belongs to, but also for that particular type of record. You may want to check with your system administrator as to what your permissions are and whether they should be changed. Unfortunately, this is not something that OutreachSystems can change for you.

For more information about account permissions, please refer to the FAQ titled: How do user account permissions impact my ability to access Neoserra?

Record Locking

For historical purposes, your Neoserra system administrator may lock records that are older than a certain date or period of time. For example, SBA requires that records uploaded to EDMIS be certified annually and, once they are certified, changes are not allowed. To ensure that all records remain historically accurate, a system administrator can establish parameters that disallow the editing, addition, or deletion of historical records.

For more information about record locking, please refer to the FAQ titled: How do I lock previously reported data to ensure database and reporting integrity?

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