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How do I generate the ASBDC report?

In the fall of 2011, it was decided that SBDCs, in addition to uploading to EDMIS, should also submit a similar quarterly report to the ASBDC. Organized by federal congressional district, this new report will then be used by the ASBDC in its efforts to promote America's SBDC Network. The congressional districts should be annotated with the two-digit State abbereviation (e.g. California = CA) and the two-digit State District number (e.g. CA-24.):

As you can see in the above screenshot, all the data submitted to ASBDC would be anonymous. No identifiable client data is included in the report.

By the fall of 2015, it was determined that most SBDCs forgot to send this report to the ASBDC. The ASBDC asked OutreachSystems to send this report to the ASBDC with each SBDC programs's approval. If you have provided OutreachSystems with your approval then this report is automatically sent to ASBDC forty (40) days after the close of each federal fiscal quarter. To cancel the automated process (once consent is given) please contact OutreachSystems, in writing, 10 business days prior to the next scheduled run.

If you are curious as to what is included in the file, you can take a look at a copy of the file in Neoserra by clicking Manage|EDMIS|EDMIS Exports. Pick any one of your recent 641 exports, click on it, and in the right hand margin you should see a file labeled: YYYYMMDD-HHMM_ASBDCs.csv:

The specifications for this report came directly from ASBDC and, per ASBDC, are not intended to produce the same numbers as your EDMIS exports. For example, it is known and, in fact, expected that the Total Jobs Created/Retained in the ASBDC report will not match the EDMIS numbers. Similarly, it is known and expected that the Total Business Starts in the ASBDC report will not match the number reported in EDMIS. Furthermore, there are some data elements included in the ASBDC report that are not tracked in EDMIS. For example, the ASBDC report includes the Total Number of Minority Clients, which is not something EDMIS tracks.

As noted above, you can either send the report to ASBDC yourself, or you can have OutreachSystems send it automatically. If you decide to send it yourself then you can email the report to Tee Rowe at ASBDC ( You should open the final EDMIS 641 export record generated (ideally the one for which you received no errors from the EDMIS system). From this record's attached documents, download and save the ASBDC report to your system. By submitting the very final ASBDC report generated, you are ensuring that the data submitted to ASBDC is in the same final form as the data submitted to EDMIS. Every time Neoserra generates the ASBDC report, it includes all activity in the date range, not just the corrected records that you may be resubmitting to EDMIS. So you don't need to worry that, by grabbing the ASBDC report from the final export record, you are only reporting on a limited amount of data. All relevant data is always included in the ASBDC report.

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