Group S - Utilities and Housekeeping Services

S - Utilities and Housekeeping Services

S111Utilities: Gas Services
S112Utilities: Electricty Services
S113Utilities: Telephone and/or Communications Services
S114Utilities: Water Services
S119Other Utilities
S201Custodial, Janitorial Services
S202Fire Protection Services
S203Food Services
S204Fueling and other Petroleum Services
S205Trash/Garbage Collection Services
S206Guard Services
S207Insect & Rodent Control Services
S208Landscaping/Groundskeeping Services
S209Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
S211Surveillance Services
S212Solid Fuel Handling Services
S213Messenger Services
S214Carpet Laying and Cleaning
S215Warehousing & Storage Services
S216Facilities Operations Support Services
S217Interior Plantscaping
S218Snow Removal/Salt Service
S222Waste Treatment and Storage
S299Other Housekeeping Services

Codes in red have an end date of 09/30/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.