Group R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services

R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services

R401Personal Care Services (Incl. Barber and Beauty Shop, Shoe Repairs, etc)
R402Real Estate Brokerage Services
R404Land Surveys, Cadastral Services
R405Operations Research and Quantitative Analysis Services
R406Policy Review, Development Services
R407Program Evaluation Services
R408Program Management/Suppor Services
R409Program Review/Development Services
R410Support - Professional: Program evaluation/review/development
R411Real Property Appraisals Services
R413Specifications Development Services
R414Systems Engineering Services
R415Technology Sharing/Utilization Services
R416Veterinary and Animal Care Services
R418Legal Services
R419Educational Services
R420Certifications & Accreditation Services
R421Technical Assistance
R422Market Research and Public Opinion Services
R423Intelligence Services
R424Expert Witness Services
R425Engineering and Technical Services
R426Communications Services
R427Weather Reporting and Observation Services
R428Industrial Hygienics
R429Support - Professional: Emergency response/disaster planning/preparedness support
R430Support - Professional: Physical security and badging
R431Support - Professional: Human resources
R497Personal Services Contracts
R498Patent and Trademark Services
R499Other Professional Services
R602Courier and Messenger Services
R603Transcription Services
R604Mailing and Distribution Services
R605Library Services
R606Court Reporting Services
R607Word Processing/Typing Services
R608Translation and Interpreting Services (including Sign Language)
R609Stenographic Services
R610Personal Property Management Service
R611Credit Reporting Services
R612Information Retrieval
R613Post Office Services
R615Support - Administrative: Background investigation
R699Other Administrative Support Services
R701Advertising Services
R702Data Collection Services
R703Accounting Services
R704Auditing Services
R705Debt Collection Services
R706Logistics Support Services
R707Contract, Procurement and Acquisition Support Services
R708Public Relations Services
R709Ongoing Audit Operations Support Services
R710Financial Services
R711Banking Services
R712Coin minting
R713Banknote Printing Services
R799Other Management Support Services

Codes in red have an end date of 09/30/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.

Codes in blue have been added as of 10/01/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.