Group M - Operation of Government Owned

M - Operation of Government Owned

M1AAOperation of Office buildings
M1ABOperation of Conference space and facilities
M1AZOperation of Other administrative facilities and service buildings
M1BAOperation of Air traffic control towers
M1BBOperation of Air traffic control training facilities
M1BCOperation of Radar and navigational facilities
M1BDOperation of Airport runways and taxiways
M1BEOperation of Airport terminals
M1BFOperation of Missile system facilities
M1BGOperation of Electronic and communications facilities
M1BZOperation of Other airfield structures
M1CAOperation of Schools
M1CZOperation of Other educational buildings
M1DAOperation of Hospitals and infirmaries
M1DBOperation of Laboratories and clinics
M1DZOperation of Other hospital buildings
M1EAOperation of Ammunition facilities
M1EBOperation of Maintenance buildings
M1EcOperation of Production buildings
M1EDOperation of Ship construction and repair facilities
M1EEOperation of Tank automotive facilities
M1EZOperation of Other industrial buildings
M1FAOperation of Family housing facilities
M1FBOperation of Recreational buildings
M1FCOperation of Troop housing facilities
M1FDOperation of Dining facilities
M1FEOperation of Religious facilities
M1FFOperation of Penal facilities
M1FZOperation of Other residential buildings
M1GAOperation of Ammunition storage buildings
M1GBOperation of Food or grain storage buildings
M1GCOperation of Fuel storage buildings
M1GDOperation of Open storage facilities
M1GZOperation of Other warehouse buildings
M1HAOperation of Government-owned contractor-operated (GOCO) R&D fac
M1HBOperation of Government-owned government-operated (GOGO) R&D fac
M1HCOperation of GOCO environmental laboratories
M1HZOperation of GOGO environmental laboratories
M1JAOperation of Museums and exhibition buildings
M1JBOperation of Testing and measurement buildings
M1JZOperation of Miscellaneous buildings
M1KAOperation of Dams
M1KBOperation of Canals
M1KCOperation of Mine fire control facilities
M1KDOperation of Mine subsidence control facilities
M1KEOperation of Surface mine reclamation facilities
M1KFOperation of Dredging facilities
M1KZOperation of Other conservation and development facilities
M1LAOperation of Airport service roads
M1LBOperation of Highways, roads, streets, bridges, and railways
M1LCOperation of Tunnels and subsurface structures
M1LZOperation of Parking facilities
M1MAOperation of EPG facilities - coal
M1MBOperation of EPG facilities - gas
M1MCOperation of EPG facilities - geothermal
M1MDOperation of EPG facilities - hydro
M1MEOperation of EPG facilities - nuclear
M1MFOperation of EPG facilities - petroleum
M1MGOperation of EPG facilities - solar
M1MHOperation of EPG facilities - wind
M1MZOperation of EPG facilities - other, including transmission
M1NAOperation of Fuel supply facilities
M1NBOperation of Heating and cooling plants
M1NCOperation of Pollution abatement and control facilities
M1NDOperation of Sewage and waste facilities
M1NEOperation of Water supply facilities
M1NZOperation of Other utilities
M1PAOperation of Recreation facilities (non-building)
M1PBOperation of Exhibit design (non-building)
M1PCOperation of Unimproved real property (land)
M1PDOperation of Waste treatment and storage facilities
M1PZOperation of Other non-building facilities
M1QAOperation of Restoration of real property (public or private)
M111Operation of Government-Owned: Office Buildings
M112Operation of Government-Owned: Conference Space & Facilities
M119Operation of Government-Owned: Other Administrative Services Buildings
M121Operation of Government-Owned: Air Traffic Control Towers
M122Operation of Government-Owned: Air Traffic Control Training Facilities
M123Operation of Government-Owned: Radar & Navigational Facilities
M124Operation of Government-Owned: Airport Runways
M125Operation of Government-Owned: Airport Terminals
M126Operation of Government-Owned: Missile System Facilities
M127Operation of Government-Owned: Electronic & Communications Systems Facilities
M129Operation of Government-Owned: Other Airfield Structures
M131Operation of Government-Owned: Schools
M139Operation of Government-Owned: Other Educational Buildings
M141Operation of Government-Owned: Hospitals & Infirmaries
M142Operation of Government-Owned: Laboratories & Clinics
M149Operation of Government-Owned: Other Hospital Buildings
M151Operation of Government-Owned: Ammunition Facilities
M152Operation of Government-Owned: Maintenance Buildings
M153Operation of Government-Owned: Production Buildings
M154Operation of Government-Owned: Ship Construction & Repair Facilities
M155Operation of Government-Owned: Tank Automotive Facilities
M159Operation of Government-Owned: Other Industrial Building
M161Operation of Government-Owned: Family Housing Facilities
M162Operation of Government-Owned: Recreational Buildings
M163Operation of Government-Owned: Troop Housing Facilities
M164Operation of Government-Owned: Dining Facilities
M165Operation of Government-Owned: Religious Facilities
M166Operation of Government-Owned: Penal Facilities
M169Operation of Government-Owned: Other Residential Buildings
M171Operation of Government-Owned: Ammunition Storage Buildings
M172Operation of Government-Owned: Food or Grain Storage Buildings
M173Operation of Government-Owned: Fuel Storage Buildings
M174Operation of Government-Owned: Open Storage Facilities
M179Operation of Government-Owned: Other Warehouse Buildings
M181Operation of Government-Owned: R&D GOCO Facilities
M182Operation of Government-Owned: R&D GOGO Facilities
M183Operation of Government-Owned: R&D GOCO Environmental Laboratories
M184Operation of Government-Owned: R&D GOGO Environmental Laboratories
M191Operation of Government-Owned: Museum & Exhibition Buildings
M192Operation of Government-Owned: Testing and Measurement Buildings
M199Operation of Government-Owned: Misc. Buildings
M211Operation of Government-Owned: Dams
M212Operation of Government-Owned: Canals
M213Operation of Government-Owned: Mine Fire Control Facilities
M214Operation of Government-Owned: Mine Subsidence Control Facilities
M215Operation of Government-Owned: Surface Mine Reclamation Facilities
M216Operation of Government-Owned: Dredging
M219Operation of Government-Owned: Other Conservation Structure
M221Operation of Government-Owned: Airport Service Roads
M222Operation of Government-Owned: Highways/Roads/Bridges/Railways
M223Operation of Government-Owned: Tunnels & Subsurface Structures
M224Operation of Government-Owned: Parking Facilities
M231Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Coal
M232Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Gas
M233Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Geothermal
M234Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Hydro
M235Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Nuclear
M236Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Petroleum
M237Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Solar
M239Operation of Government-Owned: Electric Power Generation - Other
M241Operation of Government-Owned: Fuel Supply
M242Operation of Government-Owned: Heating & Colloing Plants
M243Operation of Government-Owned: Pollution Abatement and Control Facilities
M244Operation of Government-Owned: Sewage & Waste
M245Operation of Government-Owned: Water Supply Facilities
M249Operation of Government-Owned: Other Utilities
M291Operation of Government-Owned: Recreation Facilities (Non-Building)
M292Operation of Government-Owned: Exhibit Design (Non-Building)
M293Operation of Government-Owned: Unimproved Real Property (Land)
M294Operation of Government-Owned: Waste Treatment Storage Facilities
M299Operation of Government-Owned: All Other Non-Building Facilities
M300Operation of Government-Owned: Restoration of Real Property

Codes in red have an end date of 09/30/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.

Codes in blue have been added as of 10/01/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.