Group D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services

D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services

D301Automatic Data Processing Facility Management
D302Automatic Data Processing Systems Development
D303Automatic Data Processing Data Entry Services
D304Automatic Data Processing Telecommunications & Transmission Services
D305Automatic Data Processing Teleprocessing & Timesharing
D306Automatic Data Processing System Analysis Services
D307Automated Information System Design and Integration Services
D308Automatic Data Processing Programming Services
D309Automatic Data Processing Information & Data Broadcastiing or Distribution Services
D310Automatic Data Processing Backup & Security Services
D311Automatic Data Processing Data Conversion Services
D312Automatic Data Processing Optical Scanning Services
D313Computer Aided Desgn/Computer Aided Manufacturing Services
D314Automatic Data Processing Acquisition Support Services
D315Digitizing Services
D316Telecommunication Network Management Services
D317Automated News Services/Data Services
D318IT & Telecommunications - Integrated hardware/software/services solutions
D319IT & Telecommunications - Annual software maintenance service plans
D320IT & Telecommunications - Annual hardware maintenance service plans
D321IT & Telecommunications - Help desk
D322IT & Telecommunications - Internet
D324IT & Telecommunications - Business continuity
D325IT & Telecommunications - Data centers and storage
D399Other Computer Services

Codes in blue have been added as of 10/01/11
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2011.