Group B - Special Studies and Analyses - Not R&D

B - Special Studies and Analyses - Not R&D

B502Air Quality Analyses
B503Archeological-Paleontological Studies
B504Chemical-Biological Studies
B505Cost Benefit Analyses
B506Data Analyses - Other than Scientific
B507Economic Studies
B509Endangered Species Studies - Plant/Animal
B510Environmental Assessments
B513Feasibility Studies (Non-Contruction)
B516Fisheries and Animal Studies
B517Geological Studies
B518Geophysical Studies
B519Geotechnical Studies
B520Grazing/Range Use Studies
B521Historical Studies
B522Legal Studies
B524Mathematical-Statistical Analyses
B525Natural Resource Studies
B526Oceanological Studies
B527Recreation Studies
B528Regulatory Studies
B529Scientific Data Studies
B530Seismological Studies
B532Soil Studies
B533Water Quality Studies
B534Wildlife Studies
B537Medical and Health Studies
B538Intelligence Studies
B539Aeronautic/space Studies
B540Building technology Studies
B541Defense Studies
B542Educational Studies
B543Energy Studies
B544Technology Studies and Analyses
B545Housing and Community Development Studies
B546Security (Physical & Personal) Studies
B547Accounting/Financial Management Studies
B548Trade Issue Studies
B549Foreign Policy & National Security Policy Studies
B550Organization/Administrative/Personnel Studies
B551Mobilization/Preparedness Studies
B552Manpower Studies
B553Communications Studies
B554Acquisition Policy/Procedures Studies
B555Elderly/Handicapped Studies
B599Other Special Studies & Analyses