Group 84 - Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia

84 - Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia

8405Outerwear, Men's
8410Outerwear, Women's
8415Clothing, Special purpose
8420Underwear and Nightwear, Men's
8425Underwear and Nightwear, Women's
8430Footwear, Men's
8435Footwear, Women's
8440Hosiery, Handwear and Clothing Accessories, Men's
8445Hosiery, Handwear and Clothing Accessories,Women's
8450Children and Infants' Apparel & Accessories
8455Badges and Insignia
8465Individual Equipment
8470Armor, Personal
8475Specialized Flight Clothing and Accessories

Codes in green have been added as of 10/01/15
per the Federal Procurement Data System
PSC Manual dated 10/1/2015.