Group 59 - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

59 - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

5915Filters and Networks
5920Fuses Arresters Aborbers and Protectors
5925Circuit Breakers
5935Connectors, Electrical
5940Lugs, Terminals and Terminal Strips
5945Relays and Solenoids
5950Coils and Transformers
5955Oscillators and Piezoelectric Crystals
5960Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware
5961Semiconductor Devices
5962Microcircuits, Electronic
5963Electronic modules
5965Headsets, handsets, Microphones and Speakers
5970Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials
5975Electrical Hardware and Supplies
5977Electrical Contact Brushes and Electrodes
5980Optoelectrical Devices and Associated Hardware
5985Antennas, Waveguides and Related Equipment
5990Synchros and rEsolvers
5995Cable, Cord and Wire Assemblies: Communications Equipment
5998Electrical can Electronic Assemblies, Boards, Cards and Associated Hardware
5999Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components