Group 58 - Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment

58 - Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment

5805Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
5810Communications Security Equipment and Components
5811Other Cryptologic Equipment and Components
5815Teletype and Facsimile Equipment
5820Radio TV Equipment, Except Airborne
5821Radio and TV Equipment, Airborne
5825Radio Navigation Equipment, Except Airborne
5826Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne
5830Intercommunication Public Address Systems, Except Airborne
5831Intercommunication Public Address Systems, Airborne
5835Sound Recording and Reproducing Equipment
5836Video Recording and Reproducing Equipment
5840Radar Equipment, Except Airborne
5841Radar Equipment, Airborne
5845Underwater Sound Equipment
5850Visible and Invisible Light Commununication Equipment
5855Night Vision Equipment
5860Stimulated Coherent Radiation Devices
5865Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeausres and Quick Reaction Equipment
5895Miscellaneous Communication Equipment