Group 10 - Weapons

10 - Weapons

1005Guns through 30 mm
1010Guns over 30 mm up to 75 mm
1015Guns 75 mm through 125 mm
1020Guns over 125 mm through 150 mm
1025Guns over 150 mm through 200 mm
1030Guns over 200 mm through 300 mm
1035Guns over 300 mm
1040Chemical Weapons and Equipment
1045Launchers, Torpedo and Depth Charge
1055Launchers, Grenades, Rockets and Pyrotechnic
1070Nets and Booms Ordnance
1075Degaussing and Mine Sweeping Equipmen
1080Camouflage and Deception Equipment
1090Assemblies Interchangeable Between Weapons in Two or More Classes
1095Miscellaneous Weapons