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What is a pre-client, and how do I convert them to a client?

You can use Neoserra not only to manage your relationship with your clients; you can also use Neoserra to manage your relationship with companies and/or individuals who are not clients of your program. Any sessions entered into Neoserra for pre-clients will automatically be marked as non-reportable.

Non-reportable counseling sessions are identified in the Neoserra data stream with a strike through the funding source, and the funding source identifier is also shown in red:

You will not be able to change this non-reportable designation as long as the client record has a status of pre-client. You can easily identity pre-clients because they have a system assigned ID that always starts with an "at" symbol (@). Pre-clients can be either active or inactive. Only active pre-clients are included in the Open Clients link on the Neoserra home page data stream.

The pre-client designation is usually used for two types of entities:

  • You can use Neoserra to track your relationship with local banks and lenders; congressional members; or other resource organizations such as your local chamber of commerce or Lion's Club. These organizations are not clients and probably will never be clients, but you can use Neoserra to track your professional communications with them as pre-clients.
  • You can also use Neoserra to track communications with a company or individual who has not yet completed the necessary steps to formalize their relationship with your program but who is interested in obtaining your services. These entities can be considered marketing leads for your organization and they should also be entered as pre-clients in Neoserra.

While the former type of entity would probably never become a client, the latter type of pre-client may need to be promoted to client status when they fulfill the necessary requirements.

How to convert a pre-client to a client

Navigate to the pre-client record and select More|Make Client:

The signature start date will be automatically filled in with today's date. Any other mandatory client fields will need to be completed before the record can be saved. Your Neoserra system administrator can determine which client fields are mandatory.

Note: Changing a pre-client to client status does not automatically convert those activity records previously assigned to the pre-client to a reportable status. If you need to make any of these activity records reportable, you must edit each session individually.

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