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How do I exclude client product codes from the Bid Match search profiles?

When creating a client record in Neoserra, there are fields that allow you to identify the PSC, SIC and NAICS codes that best represent that client's products and/or services offerings. Since this information may also be helpful within the bid match search profiles, Neoserra has an option to automatically carry these codes into the client's search profile (as keywords) upon creation of the profile.

If this behavior is not desired, a Neoserra administrator can modify this behavior by deselecting the Include client product codes in Bid Match search profiles? option on the General Settings page under Administration|Configuration.

When this option is deselected, counselors will need to remember to manually add the codes to new search profiles, when desired. As discussed in the FAQ titled What makes a good search profile?, OutreachSystems does not recommend the exclusive use of codes in search profiles. Generally speaking, keywords generate significantly better matches.

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