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What is the Professional Development activity record?

Counselors can track their time away from clients using the Professional Development module available in Neoserra. This module can be used to track time a counselor spends on continuing education and certification training. Additionally administrative time and time spent preparing for training events can be logged as Professional Development time. Your Neoserra database administrator can customize this module and add other types of professional development options that are applicable within your program. The most important thing to realize is that this module tracks time that is not specifically related to any one client.

You can add a professional development activity either from a counselor record, as shown below:

Or, you can add a professional development activity by choosing the Activity|Professional Development menu selection and clicking the New link:

By default, Neoserra provides a short list of professional development types but it is expected that this pick list will be expanded and customized by your Neoserra database administrator.

Similarly the list of certification areas can also be updated by your Neoserra database administrator. Any questions related to the options shown here should be directed to your administrator.

If necessary, you administrator can even add additional user-defined fields to the Professional Development module.

The professional development time is summarized in the "Activity Summary" panel in the right hand column of the stream on the home page and also on the counselor stream. Clicking the chart icon in the activity summary panel will provide you with a graphical overview of the same data:

Administrators may want to run a report of all professional development time along with all counseling time. This is something that can be accomplished from either the center record or the counselor record.

How do I run Professional Development Reports?

There are some reports available from the Professional Development module itself, that provide a nice breakdown of all professional development activity:

  • Professional Development Detail
  • Professional Development by Center
  • Professional Development by Counselor
  • Professional Development by Type

More comprehensive reports are available from the counselor record. In particular the following reports provide a nice overview of all activity the counselor has conducted:
  • Daily Counselor Time Report
  • Counselor Time by Center Report

These two reports are designed to provide a complete picture overview of all the time spent by the counselor on behalf of the program. These two reports include, not only, the Professional Development time, but also the counseling time, training time and inquiries time. These reports provide a day-by-day overview of all the time spent by the counselors on a variety of areas:

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