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?What is OutreachSystems customer service policy?

We understand that responsive, personalized technical service is a key element for the successful operation of any software application, including Neoserra and its various add-on modules. At the same time, we also want our Customers to be able to find a solution to their questions without having to reach out. Our online FAQ database include over 200 knowledge base articles. These articles are always current and up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities of the Neoserra software.

Below are the details of the OutreachSystems' Customer Service Policy. If you have any questions regarding our support policy please contact us at your convenience.

The goal of our Customer Service Policy is to provide assistance with the day-to-day operation of our software applications. The policy from our service contracts reads as follows:

    Customer support is limited to general assistance in the operations and use of OutreachSystems? software applications only. Support may be conducted via telephone or electronic mail. The hours of suppor t operation are 6:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Customer shall appoint two (2) individuals within its organization to serve as the primary contacts between OutreachSystems and the Customer. Support expressly excludes any data entry, custom database modifications and updates, importing/exporting of data, assistance on non-OutreachSystems products, and other user-specific operations. OutreachSystems? consulting services are offered, at $150.00 per hour for customer-specific assistance.

While the above policy requires each Neoserra site to appoint two individuals as primary contacts, in practice, we do not restrict your regional centers' access to customer support but we do advise networks to channel user support questions through the Neoserra administrator for a few good reasons:

  • User permissions set up by the administrator may be the root cause of certain usability issues. We cannot address permissions issued except to help identify for the user that their permissions are at issue and that they will need to take it up with the administrator.
  • While OutreachSystems does have a very good understanding of the SBA and DLA requirements, every network has their own policies and procedures. Neoserra is malleable and can be used in many different ways and our technical advice may not correspond to your network SOP.
  • Funneling questions through the administrator allows the administrator to keep their finger on the pulse of their network and identify areas where training might be warranted.
  • Having the administrator address user questions and researching when they do not have an answer helps them learn Neoserra more fully and be the resident expert. If other users contact us and learn from us directly, this transfer of knowledge is lost to the network in general. It is best for the network if the Neoserra administrator is the point of information transfer.

Technically, the annual service agreement also restricts access to two network contacts. However, there may be times when it makes sense for users to contact OutreachSystems directly:

  • An obvious technical glitch. When users encounter an error while using Neoserra, it is doubtful that the Neoserra administrator will be able to help. We recommend taking a screen shot or copying the error and sending it to our support desk. There is a direct link in Neoserra to Contact OutreachSystems.
  • The Neoserra administrator is not available and the user has an urgent issue that needs to be resolved.

In practice, the spirit of our support agreement is that we will help anyone who calls in, but within reason. Unfortunately, our standard Customer Service policy does not cover custom database modifications, updates, exports, imports or backups. We do offer consulting assistance if you need help designing and/or developing a balanced scorecard for your organization.

Necessary Details for Timely Resolution

In order to provide a timely resolution to your issue, there are a number of details that our Customer Service group will need to know up front such as:

  • All support issues should be directed to our support group at or 805-967-1280 ext 1.
  • If you send us an email, please provide us with your host organization name and your specific contact information where we can reach you in case we need additional details.
  • Provide a complete description of the problem including the actual verbatim error message that you are seeing. If possible, include a screenshot of the error message for our review. If you don't get an actual error message but the system is not performing as expected then please give us a detailed description of the perceived problem.
  • Which application are you using: Neoserra, eCenter,, BidCenter or some other application?
  • At what point does the error occur? Is there are pattern that allows you to reproduce the error or is it random? If so, what are the steps?
  • When did the problem start happening? Did something change on your system?

When an issue occur, it is often beneficial to have OutreachSystems look at the problem. As such, OutreachSystems takes advantage of the GoToMeeting screen sharing software.

The Team Approach

Customer service is a top priority at OutreachSystems. Our team approach to customer service means that you should never have to wait for a particular representative to help you. Our team approach relies on accurate and complete documentation of issues in our own internal Neoserra Customer Relationship Management system, and it depends on a strong knowledge base shared among all team members.

Our preferred method of communications with you is via telephone unless it is easier to answer via email where steps can be laid out carefully. Verbal communication is key to ensuring the highest level of customer service. If we are unable to reach you on the first try, we will always try back a second time. All emails, calls and attempted calls to and from our clients are logged in Neoserra.

Response Time

Assuming the Customer has provided the necessary details for a timely resolution, then our commitment is to address the issue that same business day. Issues reported after-hours will be resolved the following business day.

Suggestions for product enhancements are always welcome and appreciated. All suggestions are evaluated for their general benefit to all Neoserra users. Assuming the suggestion will benefit all users then OutreachSystems will make an effort to implement the suggestion within 3-6 months.

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