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Weed Control

select chemical*<2u>(weed? or weeding?)
select fertiliz*
select herbecide?
select herbicide?
select invas*<2u>species<2u>treat*
select invasive<2u>(weed? or weeding?)
select noxious<2u>(weed? or weeding?)
select nuisance<2u>(weed? or weeding?)
select reduc*<2u>germinat*
select vegetation<2u>control*
select vegetation?<2u>remov*
select vegetation?<2u>spray*
select vegetation?<2u>treat*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>abate*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>control*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>cut*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>clear*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>dispos*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>(destruct* or destroy*)
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>inhibit*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>prevent*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>remov*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>servic*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>spray*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>stunt*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>suppres*
select (weed? or weeding?)<2u>treat*
select weedkill* or weed?<>kill*
select wetland?<2u>restor*

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Window Treatment

select (draper* or drape?)<2u>(blackout? or black<>out)
select (draper* or drape?)<2u>custom*
select (skylight? or sky<>light?)<1u>cover*
select blind?<1u>(rollup or roll<>up)
select blind?<1u>bamboo
select blind?<1u>cellular
select blind?<1u>honeycomb
select blind?<1u>mini
select blind?<1u>motor*
select blind?<1u>roller
select blind?<1u>roman
select blind?<1u>shade?
select blind?<1u>sun<>screen*
select blind?<1u>textile?
select blind?<1u>venetian?
select blind?<1u>vertical
select blind?<1u>wood*
select blind?<2u>(blackout? or black<>out)
select blind?<2u>horizontal
select blind?<2u>interior
select cat:72 and title:blind?
select curtain?<2u>(blackout? or black<>out)
select curtain?<2u>(drape? or draper*)
select curtain?<2u>custom*
select curtain?<2u>hardware
select curtain?<2u>rod?
select curtain?<2u>swag
select curtain?<2u>tier
select curtain?<2u>valance?
select miniblind?
select shade?<1u>roman
select shade?<2u>(blackout? or black<>out)
select shade?<2u>honeycomb
select shutter?<1u>exterior
select shutter?<1u>interior
select shutter?<1u>louver?
select shutter?<1u>wood*
select ti:curtain?
select ti:(drapes or drapery or draperies)
select window?<1u>blind? and not cat:s
select window?<1u>cover* and not cat:s
select window?<1u>curtain?
select window?<1u>drape?
select window?<1u>draper*
select window?<1u>louver? and not cat:s
select window?<1u>shade? and not cat:s
select window?<1u>shutter? and not cat:s
select window?<1u>treatment? and not cat:s
select window?<1u>valance?
select windowcover* and not cat:s

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